chuck pierce worshipingYesterday, during the first fruits service at Glory of Zion (Sunday 9:30 October 2nd service), Chuck Pierce and Keith Pierce had some significant prophetic words relating to financial, economic, church and political matters. Here are key experpts:

Autumn Rains of Favor

Today is the day that the seasons have changed. Look and look and see where you’re standing. And look up to see the rain is fixing to come upon you. You have asked for the autumn rains. And the autumn rains of favor are getting ready to pour. But it pours where I desire to release. And I have desired to release upon the ones who have taken their stand – yes their stand – their stand has been designed. And as they stand on the beach front that I have placed their feet upon, great autumn rains of favor will come upon them beginning the first day of this season. Look and receive.”

Train Track

“The track you have been on is now shifting. For you’ve been travelling along your track with a power that will not allow you to go into the place I have for you in days ahead. Therefor, I’m interrupting your track. And, I’m sending in some power cars to connect to you to bring you on up over that next hill. Say now: ‘I think I can Lord’. And I will come down and will show you that you will. If you will start thinking, I will start moving.

Divine Crash

But I say, watch for the crash on your track. The track will crash. The track will crash. There will be a divine crash for the realignment of the future. Watch for the divine crash that is coming. For it is that, that will reconnect your future saith the Lord”…

Trama into Power

What was a trama of yesterday, has become a great power for you today. If you will embrace the momemtum of how I am passing you by, you will receive a power and healing will go all the way down to that inner most thought that no one even knows thats walks with you but Me. Here is the key of what [was] just said. He said: What looks like debris (which Chuck called trash) on the track, I have now removed. Cross over and receive a momentum, of what taunted, frightened and scarred you. Because now you will begin to accelerate into a season that I have designed for you from birth.”

Financial Crash

“Father we thank you our track is changing. We thank you are interrupting it. We thank you removing the trash on it. Your brining a crash – a crash in. I even heard the Lord say this – I’m just going to say it this way: China’s financial structure will so shift in the next three months it will look like nations are crashing. But, you need to watch: I am realigning the power of the supply lines that are coming.

Church Crash

I heard the Lord say this: The church is headed in for a crash. The Church is headed in for its greatest crash in history. For they have used the teacher and administrator to build, and now I’m bringing in the apostolic prophetic engines that are ready to put in place and cause – that will cause a major crash and realignment to occur. The Lord says: Watch it as the Church makes it’s greatest shift in history this year.”

Shaking and Elections

I see Missouri shaking. I see Tulsa and Kansas shaking. I see California beginning to rip. And the Lord says: You’re not going to get away with doing the same thing you’ve done in other elections. In these elections, if you don’t move with me, I’ll shake that state and you’ll know it’s me.

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