Not long after the 10 Days of Prayer this year, I awoke one morning hearing the word “H.E.A.R.” (knowing somehow it was an acronym). I got up and wrote it all down in my journal.

So, after getting up, I pondered this and asked the Lord for understanding. I started sketching out the word HEAR as an acronym, vertically. What might each letter stand for? I started with H seems to be Heaven (like the recent prophetic word of angels singing over America and the other about winds that have been stirring in the 3rd Heaven). Then I saw the word “Ear” within the word “Hear” (last 3 letters) and felt, well E must stand for Ear. Then I just wrote out “Heaven’s Ears Are Ready” as a stream of consciousness. I wondered, well that’s odd, why would heaven’s ears be ready – shouldn’t it be the other way round, that we would have ears to hear? So, I took some more notes on all this and jotted down more scripture, like Rev 2 and 3 where Jesus addressed the churches and said to each one “for those who have ears to hear”.

So, I continued to pray about it all.

The next day, as I was pondering it again, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper the phrase “then I will hear from heaven”. I was like – huh, that’s a scripture… I looked it up. And of course it is from the oft prayed scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14 (which has almost become cliché it is mentioned and prayed into so frequently these past several years) as intercession for our Nation and towns, cities, states, etc.

Then I went back and reviewed my notes from the prior day, and as I read my first impression: “Heaven’s Ears Are Ready”, it hit me. Wait a minute, I think God is saying that coming out of the 10 Days, where thousands of people were praying all over the Nation, that our prayers, worship and supplication has been heard. I remember last year my friend Ruth’s words: “The requirements of heaven have been satisfied”. I took that as great encouragement that what we had done during the 10 Days was being obedient, and God was pleased – in fact He would somehow bless and protect us (in  CT, USA) because what he asked us to do had been fulfilled.

But now, this HEAR revelation takes it one step further. The whole 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a very, very specific set of instructions and also a very specific set of promises. Let’s examine them:

If: “My People who are called by My Name” – to me that means us, the remnant, those who are Gods and who are answering God’s calling.


  1. Humble themselves
  2. Pray
  3. Turn from their wicked ways (repent)
  4. Seek My Face

Then, I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN (be attentive to their prayers and requests)

And I will:


Which essentially is the gospel in a nut shell. Also communion. Forgiveness by the Blood of the Lamb = Wine. Heal their land by His Stripes = Body = Bread. It is the essence of redemption and restoration.

Time of Fulfillment Is NOW

Brothers and sisters who are called by God’s name: I believe heaven is listening and attentive to our prayers and heart’s desires right NOW! That the requirements of heaven have been fulfilled through the 10 Days and these fall feasts. Let’s not miss this opportunity to step into God’s immediate grace, justice and mercy. That’s my sense is that on the back of this year’s fall feasts – specifically the “10 Days” – we are in a season of “open heaven” where we can accomplish much by bringing heaven to the earth. This perhaps is not just a culmination of this year’s 10 Days (2016), but really the culmination of a whole 50 year jubilee period (1967-2016) of humility, prayer, repentance, and seeking God. Maybe not everyone, but a remnant. Let’s pray for Israel, the United States, our towns and communities, the whole earth to enter in to God’s plans!

My sense is that NOW is also a time of personal fulfillment of promises God has made us over many years. The courts of heaven are open and ABBA is listening to our petitions and requests!

Heaven’s Ears Are Ready!

Gregg Healey