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Roundtable Discussion – Chris Reed’s $50 Dream

(Inflation Prophecies – Part 2)

Chris Reed (who is succeeding Rick Joyner) at Morningstar Ministries had a vivid dream up in Moravian Falls on March 25, 2022.

Interpretative Keys

  • $50 bill – Ulysses S. Grant; “Reconstruction” of America post the civil war and the next generation, “restoring” after the next American civil war / revolutionary war
  • 50 states in the union
  • 50 is Jubilee in the bible (slaves freed, lands returned), but in a judgment context it has the opposite meaning (Jonathan Cahn calls it the dark jubilee for instance)
  • 1/3 tear is like the dollar will be worth a third what it was. 30% inflation headline
  • 1/2 tear is like the dollar will be worth half again of what it was. Earthquake under my feet. Bob Jones prophesied a West Coast Quake tied to an economic quake (1. 1989 San Fran, 2. 2011 Japan, 3. ???? West Coast).
  • Israel / Palestine 2 State Solution. God will divide the land of whoever divides Israel’s land. Many have prophesied the San Madras fault earthquake along the Mississippi river. JPJ. Shane Warn. Others. Kushner’s peace plan also divided Israel.
  • Torn into little pieces. Division in USA. Further weakening / inflation of the Dollar. JPJ hyperinflation.
  • Man in black suit = Black horse = scarcity, famine, lack in the bible. The man in the black suit is like one of the 4 horseman riding the black horse Rev 6
  • “A quart of wheat for a days wage” Rev 6:6 is high inflation
  • Preserve the oil (anointing – 5 wise virgins) and the wine (Jesus’ blood). Goshen cities of refuge. Shane Warren saw similar
  • “Give us our entitlements” – Shane Warren heard same thing
  • Middle East oil deal with China and Russia – Shane Warren heard similar things. Like we have been discussing in Currency Wars
  • States seceding from the union – JP Jackson had a similar dream of the flags 50 stars in 3 dimensions (cylindrical), where some of the stars started to disappear by going lower (receding like seceding)
  • Wheat and bread shortage headline – Ukraine’s main crop is Wheat. They grow over 25% of the world’s wheat (and therefore bread). KC being a breadbasket for wheat like mid east oil
  • US citizens growing their own food. Yes, JPJ also saw this where they ripped up some city streets to grow veggies. Armed guards for food trucks. Revelation flying over CA glasshouses / self-sustained micro ecology environments.
  • New dollar was a cell phone. Digital Dollar. This reminds me of Chuck Pierce’s dream of shipping and ports where he had to use a cell phone like device to use a secret currency backed by gold somehow. Inflation gets so bad that the US will issue a new Dollar. JPJ prophesied this.
A prophetic sign from 2009?
  • “A new dollar for a renewed America”. Like Grant’s reconstruction after the civil war. Renewal = Reconstruction. “American R


What is the solution? The Storehouse Vision of biblical economy is key to understand in this hour.

  • When do we do it? Start now, while “it is still day” John 9:4.
  • Where do we do it? From city to city, where we have come together as one, even as Christ and the Father are one. John 17:21
  • How do we do it? Rediscovering the scriptures about work, money and banking – being doers not just hearers of the word. James 1:22
  • How do we implement it? Through the 5-fold leadership gifts. Eph 4:11
  • How do we govern it? The elders of the citywide Church. Acts 14:23

Economic Dreams / Words

Rick Joyner – Field of Dreams
Shane Warren – Hurricane of Dollar Bills
John Paul Jackson – Nationalization of Bank of America
Dream – Train Wreck and Economic Trouble Ahead

Other Important Prophetic Words for America

Rick Joyner Second Civil/Revolutionary War
John Mulinde Church at the Crossroads
John Paul Jackson The Coming Perfect Storm
Bob Jones Perfect Storm
Jonathan Cahn Word for America 2022
Carter Conlon Word for America 2022

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Jonathan Gill Interview from Pakistan

Jonathan is an evangelist from Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Quick tour around Jonathan’s neighborhood:..

Pakistan is a majority Muslem nation, so much of his activity focuses on sharing the gospel with people from Muslem backgrounds. Muslims also very much control the government, business, schools, etc., so working as a Christian in their culture is working from the position of being “less than” as well as facing persecution.

His father in-law is the Pastor of a local church: Emmaus Evangelical Church. He and his family live on the “other side” of town where many of Christians live.

Jonathan with a local carpenter

Jonathan and his family are engaged as part of his church and ministry activity in helping poor people create businesses to help sustain their families. We have been talking about creating a Storehouse in his city and other entrepreneurial ideas. For example, his brother works for a large clothing manufacturing company, as the city is known for its export of tee-shirts and other clothing.

Jonathan’s family helps a widow and her kids:

Roxanna a believing poor mother and her children

This is all part of the discussion of reform God is looking for, such that ministries in 3rd world countries do not become dependent on US donor dollars, but instead become locally sustained. (Read the Non-Profit Ministry Bulletin white paper for details.) How? Through working toward the Storehouse vision and other New Breed of Business scriptural business practices, Christian groups anywhere can adopt these means of pooling together resources, discipling the poor and the needy into starting businesses, seeing God provide the increase, and many more becoming the lender instead of the borrower.

We can help foster John 17 unity through a New Breed of Community and economic development. Serving others. Loving others like Jesus.

I have come to give life, and life more abundantly

John 10:10

Roundtable Discussion: How should the Church respond to CBDCs?

(Currency Wars Part 2)

Race to CBDCs

China was the first CBDC. It is called e-CNY and was launched during the recent Olympics:

Reuter’s article on e-CNY. China was also the first to pioneer a “social credit” system and score, which provides a framework for government financial control over citizens.

The Bank of England is also looking to implement their CBDC. They (BOE) have not been shy of their (UK government’s) intentions to turn people’s currency on and off based on social policy.

Read this article: 6.21.2021 Telegraph article BOE Digital Currency

Watch these 3 video clips from Joe Rogan’s interview of Maajid Nawaz

U.S. Roadmap to Digital Currency

There are proposals on the table that would not only create a digital dollar, but also create individual accounts with the Federal Reserve. This is a new level of dependency on the Federal Reserve bank and its computer systems. This also would disintermediate many functions of local banks, credit unions, coop banks, and thrifts.

Federal Reserve: Money and Payments: The U.S.Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation (January 2022)

[We first discussed the Fed studying digital dollars back in 2020 as part of the Crypto Currency discussion]

Treasury: Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets (March 10th)

Digital BerkShares Launch

3.21.22 BerkShares Digital Launch on YouTube

You can try the app below and get 10 free BerkShares if you register…

iPhone App

Google Android App

The Storehouse Imperative

A Fishes and Loaves Network

All of this points to the “new world” which we are financially and technically entering into. With “Babylon” imposing more and more sanctions and controls, and with more conflict coming on the earth, coupled with more scarcity and inflation – we The Church need wisdom and Godly solutions. Both to sustain us, and to provide refuge in a storm to those who do not yet believe. We find the answers in the bible, and as reflected in the new wineskin of the Storehouse vision and the New Breed approach of heavenly supply lines.

Roundtable Discussion: Currency Wars

Sanctions as Weapons

Russia’s war on Ukraine has kicked off a financial ‘world war’ / ‘cold war’ with one side being the “allies” of US, Europe, Japan and other nations putting on all sorts of sanctions that are US dollar and Euro based. Then on the other side you have “the axis” of Russia, and to a lesser extent China, Syria, Iran and North Korea. Russia formally asked China for financial and military assistance this week.

Then to complicate things, the OPEC nations are more aligned with Russia than the USA, because of the Biden administration’s “green” war on fossil fuels. So, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are not backing the sanctions, and they are not pumping more oil at the administration’s request. Furthermore, they are unhappy with the Biden administration’s big push to resign the Iranian nuclear deal, which those same countries are at war against Iran via the Yemeni civil war Houthi rebels (Iranian backed).

This is all critically important, because of the power of Petro Dollars, whereby the USD has dominated the settlement/payment of the global oil and gas markets. Critically, in 1973/4 the US promised to defend Saudi Arabia (and later other OPEC nations) militarily in exchange for imported oil and that the settlement currency for all nations would be in dollars. This coupled with the Saudi promise to invest excess proceeds for oil sales in US treasury bills, notes and bonds (US Debt).

Now all bets are off, as this week Saudi Arabia put a “shot across the bow” of the Biden administration by moving toward doing a “new deal” with China for oil exports that is settled in Yuan, which would be unprecedented.

Crypto and CBDCs

The next dimension of the currency wars is the “space race” for crypto and central bank digital currencies.

U.S. Roadmap to Digital Currency

There are proposals on the table that would not only create a digital dollar, but also create individual accounts with the Federal Reserve. This is a new level of dependency on the Federal Reserve bank and its computer systems. This also would disintermediate many functions of local banks, credit unions, coop banks, and thrifts.

Federal Reserve: Money and Payments: The U.S.Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation (January 2022)

We first discussed the Fed studying digital dollars back in 2020 in the Crypto Currency discussion

Treasury: Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets (March 10th)

One of the critical aspects of both are how payment systems of the world work. Crypto mainly relies on digital wallets for accessibility, which are regulated by the central banks as they interface between the banking system and the crypto world. This became apparent in the Canadian state of emergency where they froze the Trucker’s digital wallets which effectively locked-up any access to their crypto.

The Storehouse Imperative

All of this points to the “new world” which we are financially and technically entering into. With “Babylon” imposing more and more sanctions and controls, and with more conflict coming on the earth, coupled with more scarcity and inflation – we The Church need wisdom and Godly solutions. Both to sustain us, and to provide refuge in a storm to those who do not yet believe. We find the answers in the bible, and as reflected in the new wineskin of the Storehouse vision and the New Breed approach of heavenly supply lines.

Implementation Interview: Chareese Whitaker Westbury

We hear from Chareese, her testimony on God’s goodness, faithfulness and financial provision. Chareese’s pastor growing up always emphasized the importance of not going into debt. Chareese will share her vision for an online House of Prayer and how God is leading her into new rivers of provision/finances for that house of prayer, not being interested in the hamster-wheel of traditional “fund-raising”. This discussion will be great for anyone wanting to learn how to trust God fully for provision, both for themselves/family as well as their ministry and business callings.

Chareese has been living in Connecticut since October 2015. Immediately after arriving, she became actively involved with the prayer movement throughout the state and region. She served Awaken the Dawn as Co-State Coordinator in 2017 by uniting and mobilizing various prayer and worship teams throughout the state, culminating in three days of 24/7 worship and prayer on the National Mall in Washington, DC. She has also served with CT Prays and National Day of Prayer (assistant to the Hartford County Coordinator). Chareese currently and uniquely serves in 10 Days of Prayer, Connecticut Capitol Prayer Network, House of Good Hope (house of prayer), racial reconciliation, and other prayer and church unity movements. She recently became a member and actively serves at LifeWay Church. She is also completing an Associate of Practical Theology at Christ for the Nations (Dallas).

I am proud to call her my spiritual daughter. As my friend Jonathan Friz likes to say: “We love Chareese!”

Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant

Psalm 35:27

Roundtable Discussion: Financial Warfare – S.W.I.F.T. and Russian Sanctions

We discuss what is happening as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, specifically the financial sanctions and their implications and the first a no SWIFT ban, then some SWIFT bans, but not full. Some of this is carved out for oil and gas transactions, which somewhat defeats the purpose. It’s complicated, as is the global “net” of disparate payment systems. But like we talked about with Canada and the Truckers

We will go into the “bigger picture” geo-politically, biblically, and prophetically. And the implications. For example, prophetic voice Bob Jones spoke about a coming harvest in Russia and the former soviet union nations. God described this to him as “the greatest awakening”. He also separately showed prophetic voices Paul Cain and Bob Jones with Mike Bickle (founder IHOP) as scribe, that Communism and Islam would merge in the future and there would be a type of WWIII in the days ahead. Is this war related to both prophetic words?

Mike Bickle – IHOP

(much more detail here in IHOP’s prophetic history here:

Bob Jones, Prophetic Voice

Further, Bob Jones also prophesied great West Coast earthquakes, as well as limited nuclear exchange and fires on the East Coast, foreign soldiers on US soil, and many people moving to the middle of the country as a result. Kansas City and the surrounding 500 miles will become a bread basket for the world in a time of famine and drought.

God will put wheat in the Midwest like he put oil in the middle-east”

Bob Jones prophecy in the 1980s in Kansas City documented by Mike Bickle

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications ( It was founded in 1973 and started sending money electronically in 1978. SWIFT is structured as a cooperative organization owned by its members. It is headquartered in Brussels Belgium, but its members are global. It has 11,000 institutions operating in over 200 countries. In 2021, SWIFT processed 42 million messages.

Global payments systems are fractured into various sub-systems. One of the oldest and biggest alternatives to SWIFT is FedWire. Fed wire is run by the Federal Reserve and started shortly after the Fed was founded in 1913 (1915, 1918). There is also CHIPS, which is another US based system.

Russia and China are trying to create their own payment systems.

For more understanding, read a bit more here about Chuck Pierce’s Passover prophecies from last year, which gets into global trade flow and how payment systems will be changing. See Trade Wars here:

Roundtable Discussion: Honkers and Eagles

Canadian Truckers Part 2

View Canadian Truckers Post Part 1 here

Bob Jones apparently had a prophetic word related to the Bride of Christ in the USA and awakening. Bob Jones said :

“The Honkers were going to start honking before the Eagles will fly.” – Bob Jones 2005 (as recalled by Rick Joyner in an interview below).

Now people at Morningstar and elsewhere in Christianity are connecting the “Honkers” to Canadian Geese  and the “Freedom Convoy” up in Canada, preceding a similar move down in the “Eagle” the USA (similar persecution and rising up of people for freedom). Here is a video with an excerpt regarding this with Lance Wallnau interviewing Rick Joyner about this Bob Jones prophecy :

Martin Luther called the Holy Ghost the “Wild Goose”.

Canadian Geese in “V” formation

Lou Engle spoke about how Bob Jones was also describing the geese as intercessors as part of the “Gulliver” prophecy of awakening the sleeping giant of the Church. When intercessors pray together (like geese in a V formation), they can assault the demonic principalities and powers. Allowing for the Eagles to fly (the prophetic words to come from heaven to earth). You can find that on “The Briefing” blog here:

God is shifting the world:

We are starting to see judgment and revival happen simultaneously…

1. Jan 28, 2020 – President Trump reveals Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that would divide the land of Israel.

2. Bob Jones said “When the Chiefs win the Super bowl, it was a sign that revival was about to come. God is raising up his apostolic chiefs.” They won on Feb 2, 2020.

3. Pandemic hits literally days later in the USA (mid-Feb 2020).

4. Chuck Pierce said: “This is the Passover that the economic system of the world gets realigned” in March 2020 (see CV19 post here). And now we see that indeed, the pandemic has changed everything – and God is using it to re-align and shake up the Church as well.

5. Lou Engle and “The Send” are starting to bring prophecied stadium revivals to a reality. Watch for arrowhead stadium May 14, 2022 is “The Send” in KC.

Biblical Persecution (Hate Crimes)

Lutherans on trial in Finland –

Canadian Hate Crime laws –

Economic Persecution

GoFundMe – froze Canadian Truckers assets

Trudeau – froze Canadian Truckers’ bank accounts, cancelled Canadian Truckers’ insuranceStripe – shut down President Trump Campaign payments

Glenn Beck is thinking along the same lines in this video here: 

So, like China – the US, Canadian, Australian, UK leaders are finding “soft” ways as very attractive half-steps toward more control in order to manipulate people and companies into conformity of “doing the right thing” through the purse strings (you want the funds? they take the vaccine. want to keep your job? take the vaccine. want to keep your insurance? take the vaccine.), social pressure (shaming), relabling law abiding citizens as terrorists and perpitrators of hate crimes,etc.

By God’s mercy, there is still time. The Storehouse vision can be implemented now, while we still have the freedom to “choose another way” and not depend on governmental funding, banking, big tech, big health, big commerce, big ag, and so forth. If we have no alternatives, we will feel there is no choice in order to take care of our families but conform to governmental and corporate policies that go against our faith and freedom.

For example, a Christian crowdfunding site has replaced GoFundMe to send money to the truckers. Lucienne Sawyer forwarded me an email about Gab doing a “Parallel Economy Fund” which seems like it has some parallels to the Storehouse… Perhaps you are aware of other Storehouse type initiatives?

Roundtable Discussion:
Canadian Truckers, Tech, Banks, and Government

Headlines from North of the Border

“Truckers Protest of Vaccine Mandates in Freedom Convoy Continues”

“GoFundMe Shuts Down Truckers’ Freedom Convoy Fundraiser”

“Several people arrested for bringing gas to ‘Freedom Convoy'”

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers”

“Trudeau gives banks power to freeze funds without court order”

“Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters’ bank accounts”

“Ottawa Chief of Police Resigns”

Look North to the events in Canada and we can see into the future, especially if “we  the people” don’t turn to Jesus for help.

Arrested for gas cans?

Here’s a chilling video of PM Justin Trudeau’s admiration of China. China? Yes, China.

In 1986, God showed Chuck Pierce the rise of China and its relationship to the US and the rest of the world in decade increments. You can read about this in his book “The Future War of the Church” written 2000 which he published in 2007. He was shown these things through 2026.

2018 Chuck Pierce video on persecution of Christians in China coming to US:

2020 Chuck Pierce on The Season of the Lion Dragon Wars:

Big Tech, Big Banks, Big Gov’t

In June 2019 GoFundMe terminated a $3 million fundraising for an Australian rugby player, Israel Folau, to finance a court case to appeal his multi-million dollar dismissal. He had quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9–10 on social media, which was said to be homophobic. An alternative fundraising site was set up by the Australian Christian Lobby with the public donating $2 million in 24 hours.

In January 2022, GoFundMe refused to release the CA$5 million funds raised for Freedom Convoy 2022. Then they said if you don’t ask for a refund they would ask the Freedom Convoy to choose a charity for people’s money. Then they ended up just refunding everyone’s money, refusing to release the funds to the Truckers.

(Elon Musk tweet)

Did you know that GoFundMe also joined Stripe and Shopify, turning off the Trump campaign websites funding after Jan 6th, etc.? How? They deleted fundraising campaigns for people to travel to DC for the Jan 6th rally.

Most Christians focused on the social media platforms freezing and deleting many people’s accounts, but the next frontier is the banks and banking system freezing and redirecting funds. Whether in Canada or the USA. It’s coming.

We need to pray, We need to repent. We need to prepare.

Here is a related take from Glenn Beck that is making very similar points to this week and two week’s ago Another Kingdom discussion:

Roundtable Discussion: USA parallels to ancient Egypt

In October 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, the Lord started speaking to me about how the global capital markets – which had been exported to the rest of the world by the USA – were coming under judgement. And that the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was not the end of that judgement, but rather was the beginning. And further judgement would come in waves (in God’s mercy not destroying everything at once), but in the end would greatly level our financial markets and banking system as we know it (laid low – humbled – made a desolate land). This partly came through Ezekiel 29-32, which is known in scripture as “The Seven Fold Judgment of Egypt”. I felt the Lord spoke His heart about how there would be several waves of judgment on the Western financial markets (predominantly USD based, but also the Yen, Pound Sterling, Euro based financial markets) which have so driven global economic growth in the past century.

Son of man, set your face against Pharaoh king of Egypt and prophesy against him and against all Egypt. Speak to him and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“‘I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt,
    you great monster lying among your streams.
You say, “The Nile belongs to me;
    I made it for myself.

But I will put hooks in your jaws
    and make the fish of your streams stick to your scales.
I will pull you out from among your streams,
    with all the fish sticking to your scales.
I will leave you in the desert,
    you and all the fish of your streams.
You will fall on the open field
    and not be gathered or picked up.
I will give you as food
    to the beasts of the earth and the birds of the sky.

Then all who live in Egypt will know that I am the Lord.

You have been a staff of reed for the people of Israel. When they grasped you with their hands, you splintered and you tore open their shoulders; when they leaned on you, you broke and their backs were wrenched…

‘Because you said, “The Nile is mine; I made it,” therefore I am against you and against your streams…

Egypt will no longer be a source of confidence for the people of Israel but will be a reminder of their sin in turning to her for help. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.'”

Ezekiel 29

This scripture has similar language, structure and meaning as this one about the love of money:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

1 Tim 6:10

“We have a golden calf in New York” – Chuck Pierce 2020

And then there is the sorted story of God’s people crafting and worshipping the “golden calf”. Moses fasts and prays and visits with God for 40 days. What do the Israelites do with their sovereign “wealth transfer”, having plundered the Egyptians (Exodus 12:36)? (recall they got the silver and gold of the Egyptians because they were so in awe of the God of the 10 plagues). They fashioned a “golden calf” idol of gold, which was an Egyptian God of prosperity and wealth and worshiped it. This is right after the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea! Oy Vey!! The proper use of the wealth was discovered later when the people of Israel voluntarily gave it toward the building of the tabernacle (Exodus 36:3). Rember, those who got all the gold and the silver died wandering in the desert for 40 years, where gold and silver don’t buy you anything…

And how about when Abraham went to Egypt because there was a famine in the land and nearly betrothed his wife Sarah to Pharaoh? All in the name of provision in a time of famine. Fearing Pharaoh rather than fearing God. Yikes.And there is more. Such a rich prophetic metaphor from the Lord. The parallels between the USA – the new American Dream of Fame, Fortune, Technology, Military Power, Financial Power, Pride, Materialism, and the self-effort to achieve these aims – and ancient Egypt (the most technologically advanced civilization, wealthiest nation in the world, most powerful military in the world, worship of false Gods, such as the golden calf, the pride of Pharaoh, Pharaoh the chief leader being God-like).

Mammon = Golden Calf

Let’s start with this. How long were the people of God enslaved in Egypt?

400 years.

How long has it been since the people of God settled these lands in what became the USA?

400 years. (Pilgrims 1620 -> 2020).

What started off well (Pilgrims and Puritans – the worship of God), was sprinkled with the levin (sin) of financial enslavement (debt and contractual obligations to insure a voyage on the Mayflower needing to be paid) ended up becoming an enslavement to God’s people (money dependance, debt).

Egypt biblically is an interesting nation. Unlike Babylon (which will be destroyed as a harlot at the end of the age), Egypt is shown in Zechariah to exist in the Millennial Kingdom and age to come! Here is a fascinating scripture about that:

Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the Lord Almighty, and to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles… If the Egyptian people do not go up and take part, they will have no rain. The Lord will bring on them the plague he inflicts on the nations that do not go up to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.”

Zechariah 14:16-18

Nonetheless, Egypt was a biblical metaphor for the idea of “trust in the strength of man / the flesh” instead of “trust in God” or put another way – Egypt was the place people went if they needed food or supplies, or military assistance/alliances. But God several times warned the people of God not to trust in Egypt, but trust in him. Isaac was going to Egypt in a famine. God said no, plant in Canaan. He reaped 100x return in a dry and barren land.

The corrupt leadership of Judah during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 686 tried to align with Egypt to avoid God’s judgment of the Babylonians, but failed and they were destroyed. (Ezek. 17:15-18)
Why is this so important for us to understand today? As God is calling his people out of Babylon and out of Egyptian captivity…

Roundtable Discussion:

Another Kingdom Masquerading As Light

“We all worship something” – Tim Keller

Wherever the church leaves a moral vacuum, culture and society will fill the void.

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

Matt 5:13

Scripturally, the bible boils everything down to two Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Babylon (evil) and the Kingdom of Heaven (good). However, it is not always so obvious which Kingdom is which. Satan from the beginning said “Did God really say?” (Gen 3:1) There will always be confusion as to what is right and wrong once worship of and obedience to the true God is challenged.

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.

2 Cor 11:14-15

This topic came to light when praying for the Next Generation – Gen Z. Gen Z has been created by God as adventurers, pioneers, warriors, passionate for a cause. And what we prayed about was to expose the “false dichotomy” of independence and obedience. Meaning, God gives us the freedom and free-will to chose Him (or anything actually), but if we choose Him, we freely submit our free-will back to Him as “bond-servants”.

For he who was called in the Lord as a bondservant is a freedman of the Lord. Likewise he who was free when called is a bondservant of Christ.

1 Cor 7:22

This is also known as Permission and Prohibition. In Jesus, they go hand in hand. Back to the garden of Eden – “you are permitted to eat of any tree, except one.”

However, when the next generation looks back at how U.S. Christianity got syncretized with free-market capitalism and how the church looked the other way regarding: environmental pollution, exploiting the poor for profits, socio-economic inequalities, etc., THE CHURCH is now perceived as hypocritical. Against abortion, sexual promiscuity, for Israel, but greedy for profits.

When the Church pulled back from/got pushed out of government, business, economics in the United States, the cry was “separation” of “religion” from everything.

Yet, paradoxically, Judeo-Christian scripture was the very basis of our law, our morality, our ethics and our character. But once the “obstacle” of religion was removed, it left pure market-based capitalism in its wake. It also left a government hungry for money and power. And it also left a moral vacuum to be filled. A blank canvas. Filled with what? Well it certainly can’t be religion, so in the wisdom of man and the absence of God, we as a society started creating a hodge-podge, cottage industry of morality and ethics. Of what the new “right and wrong” are. A weird “politically correct” balancing act of worshiping fame and fortune – but feeling good about it in the process. We see this reflected now in Hollywood, Washington D.C. and Wall Street. There is a new hegemony emerging between these three camps.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Isaiah 5:20

Have you heard of “ESG” scoring? That stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance scoring for corporations and investments.

For example, “Social” was defined in 2017 as being computed using inputs from: Human Rights, Labor Standards, Gender Equality. Sounds good so far, right?

Read more here:

However, quickly revealed is ESG hypocrisy. For instance, Disney and Apple scored high in ESG, yet somehow these scores overlooked sweatshop Asian labor and Chinese persecution of those who believe in religion, such as Christians, Uyghur Moslems and others.

An interesting video on ESG hypocrisy:

Regarding environmental hypocrisy – this is sometimes referred to as “Greenwashing”, whereby the corporate citizen builds a marketing case for how they are “carbon-neutral”, when in fact underneath it is just a shell-game to avoid social shaming of politically correct critics.

This then all becomes about one “feeling good” about how people perceive their actions, as more important than actually doing good according to the Bible.

We already have extensively discussed the pitfalls of FICO credit scoring for consumers, masquerading as a pseudo-character score of how good of a slave you are in paying your debts.

Or how the Chinese regime uses a “social credit” system to reward and punish people in what it deems as good and bad behavior, thus the government redefining people’s morality.

Or have you heard of stakeholder capitalism?

“We should seize this moment to ensure that stakeholder capitalism remains the new dominant model.” – Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Now, as we look toward Jesus’ return, we find ourselves in a time where the line is greatly blurring between right and wrong. We need to be vigilant. We need to be “watchmen” on the walls of our hearts. First, the Church must REPENT OF ALL OF ITS SIN THAT HAS LEFT THESE VACUUMS and return to its rightful place among a remnant of God’s people – God’s Israel. Second, we must become the “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11, willing to stand up against (militant witness) and call out those who are calling evil good., lobbying for a “new morality”.

For what appears to be good at first, or for a season, can be a temptation to “bite into the apple” and then we are hooked into deception. This is how the Antichrist will fool the world, starting with a false peace masquerading as good:

He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

Daniel 9:27

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

2 Thessalonians 2:3