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May 16, 2016

[Prophetic word] “I am going to REDEFINE the flow of supply lines! I will form NEW rivers and cause what has been to INTERSECT so a new flow will begin!” Watch this important summary from Sunday, May 15:

“What woke me up at four o’clock this morning was a dream I had. And in the dream I was caught up above three nations: China, Europe and America.

Now caught up is rapt – rapture. That just means you’re being filled with the Spirit and you’re being brought up to a place where you can see better. And in the midst of that, God showed me the rivers of each one of those lands. And I had to say what each river – the name of each river. And especially in America – and I want to say this to us as we move forward – what he would show me was the intersection of rivers. And I would have to know the name of the rivers that were intersecting because at that place He redefined how the earth and the source of trade would go forth after that.

And so, I felt when I woke up the Lord was saying to these three continents: I am going to redefine the flow of the supply lines of these three nations beginning now. And I say to you, I will form new rivers. And I will cause what has been to intersect, so a new flow will begin. I say to you in the Spirit, I am going to intersect moves from the past season so that a new move begins. So this will be a defining week for you, watch how the waters flow throughout the earth. For this will be a defining week of redefining the way that the flow of My Spirit will go and the definition of supply will come…

“I could see the flow, the rhythm of the water, what it was doing, the changes that were to come. Now hear what is being said today: Big changes ahead in the movement of the earth. Get ready and just stay moving in the rhythm of what is going on in the earth realm.”

In addition to the vitally important dream and prophetic words from yesterday, Lane McShannon also had an important dream which is summarized here:

“I had a dream Sunday morning – I was trying to pitch a tent with some other people and the ground was wet. In one place there was muddy water. The ground was uneven and we were looking for a place where the ground was solid and we would be safe and not be swept away by the flooding water or high water. Then I woke up.”

Chuck D. Pierce

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Chuck Pierce

April 27, 2016

On Saturday morning I shared what the Lord is saying to us for this season.  We have now crossed over into a time that will determine our future.  Starting April 25, through October 20, it will be the most tumultuous, confusing time this nation has known in over 160 or 170 years.  I want you to know how you are connected in the Body of Christ, and that the Body of Christ will not be the same. This is a time that America determines its future.  But also understand that this is a time that the Kingdom of God and those leading it move into their next identity.

This is probably our most key intercessory time. We have entered into a time of the Tabernacle of David being exemplified and emerging in the earth. This will affect all religious cultures across the earth. We decree that we are willing to be that Judah expression that creates the prototype for the future. In Black America and the African nations, the expression of God will unseat a wrong movement that will also vie for authority in days ahead. The Asian church will rise up and create a prototype that we’ve never seen.  Also, we are going to see Israel come into its greatest conflict since 1967.  Know that we have entered a new season! Let’s allow Judah to arise. Apostolic centers like the Global Spheres Center must now create a new prototype in the earth.

Chuck D. Pierce

Rick-Joyner-300x300Five Spiritual Trends That Will Change the World in 2016

Rick Joyner


MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #97 – January 21, 2016

The premise of my last Prophetic Bulletin on the five trends that would change the natural world in 2016 began unfolding faster and with more impact than I expected. I wrote that it would happen in the first quarter of this year, but I honestly did not expect it to begin on the first day as it did. My prayer now is that what I’ve been shown that will unfold in the Spirit will likewise come faster and with greater impact. What is coming in the Spirit is the antidote to the troubles of the world. It is far more exciting than anything the world has seen.

We all “see in part,” but these are the five most important trends I saw unfolding that we will begin to see emerging this year:

  • A new reformation of the church will begin to take definition
  • Councils of leaders will begin to form with true apostolic authority
  • A kingdom economy will begin to form
  • A new generation of prophets and teachers will begin to emerge with unprecedented authority and influence
  • So many Christians will rise up in Europe and North America with zeal and focus that it will be recognized as another Great Awakening, while the moves of God in the rest of the world will gain new traction

A New Reformation of the Church Will Begin to Take Definition

I have been seeing and speaking on this for many years. Over time, I have seen more of what this will look like. One of the biggest changes with the greatest impact will be the body of Christ beginning to take on the military aspects we are called to have to become the army of the Lord we are called to be. I just published a book on this entitled, Army of the Dawn. One pastor just told me he thought this was my best book yet. That is a matter of perspective and also timeliness, but I know its message is on time. We will see the greatest force for the gospel since the Lord Himself walked the earth. Since this book has already received wide distribution, I will not say any more about this here.

The second aspect of this reformation I was shown is how the body of Christ will become the “city” it’s called to be. A change is coming to church life that will be more profound than we have yet seen. It will be based more on koinonia than ecclesia. This does not negate the need for ecclesia (the government and structure of the church), but according to I John 1:7, we abide in the light by having koinonia, not ecclesia. Koinonia determines if we are walking in the light because it is based on love first, not organization first. Again, this is not negating the need for organization and government, but it is a matter of getting the horse in front of the cart and building on the right foundation. The result will be spectacular.

The fellowship and union coming to the body of Christ will cause the church to be the “city set on a hill” that gets everyone’s attention. It will be the greatest society the world has seen since the first century, eclipsing even what was experienced then. “The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former” (see Haggai 2:9), causing the church to become the light it is called to be in the dark and confusing times the world is sliding into. This fellowship will become so wonderful that Christians will want to meet every day. Christian communities will begin forming again, having their own infrastructure, and ultimately, their own economy.

Of course we won’t see this happen in a year, but we will see the beginning of it. Ultimately no sporting event, entertainment, or other event will compare with the life and excitement found in the church.

Councils of Leaders Will Begin to Form with True Apostolic Authority

I was first shown in 1987 that this was coming. I think this has happened to a degree in some places, but not on the level that I saw. This year we will begin to see the real thing, but in its formative stage. Ultimately these councils will help release extraordinary authority and life in the church. They will moor the church to its right biblical foundation, giving it the stability that some of the greatest missions and ministries will be built upon.

This year we will see increasing grace on leadership meetings, especially those that cross denominational and movement boundaries, beginning to bring the necessary interchange and cross pollination in the church.

A Kingdom Economy Will Begin to Form

Ultimately the body of Christ will have its own economy that will grow with consistency and strength. Because of this, no Christian will need to be concerned about the mark of the beast. However, this is not just about having an alternative to the beast—it is laying a foundation for the economy of the coming kingdom of God, one built on the greatest economic principle: “Love never fails” (see I Corinthians 13:8).

As world markets continue to shake, plunge, and collapse, the kingdom economy cannot go down because “there will be no end to the increase of His kingdom” (see Isaiah 9:7). Whatever is truly built on the kingdom has to increase. For those looking for a safe place to put investments, it won’t get any safer or better than this emerging kingdom economy. For those saying, “Where is it?”, you can’t see it if you do not see the kingdom. If we can see His kingdom, we will see its economy as it emerges.

We must be born again to see the kingdom, but not everyone who is born again sees the kingdom. To see the kingdom we must use the key to the kingdom. That key is Matthew 6:33: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

A New Generation of Prophets and Teachers Will Begin to Emerge with Worldwide Authority and Influence

The Holy Spirit is moving. One characteristic of every true move of the Spirit is a growing love of the truth and an increasing love for the Scriptures (the Holy Spirit’s bestselling book). At the same time, many called as teachers to the body that have devoured the Word of God and accumulated knowledge and understanding on a host of topics will be used to build the church, preparing it for what it is called to be in these times. The Lord really has saved His best wine for last. The quality of what He will serve His people will eclipse anything ever experienced before.

Knowledge has greatly increased in the natural. What is about to be released in the Spirit will mirror this. For those who love knowledge, truth, wisdom, and understanding, there has never been a better time to be alive. This increasing love for the Scriptures will be contagious, helping to feed and strengthen every move of God now unfolding.

Prophetic revelation will also eclipse anything God’s people have experienced before. As we are told in Acts 2:17-18, “in the last days” the Lord will pour forth His Spirit, resulting in “dreams, visions, and prophecy” upon the old and young, men and women. We will begin to see a new wave of the prophetic released. This happens “in the last days” because in these times, we will need this kind of specific direction and guidance. At times it may be life or death to hear Him say to us not to go somewhere, or to go where we are not intending. We will all need this kind of sensitivity to the Spirit in the times to come, and we will get it.

I saw the emerging prophetic ministers as mountain climbers. They would go up a little bit and secure their new position with stakes driven deep into the rock, fastening themselves to the mountain and to each other. Then they would go a little higher and do the same again. This time will not be like having a lot of individuals scattered all over the mountain climbing virtually alone. The emerging prophets will be secured to each other and to the mountain of the house of the Lord.

So Many Christians Will Rise Up with Zeal and Focus that it Will be Recognized as Another Great Awakening

The plagues that came upon Egypt parallel the ones in the Book of Revelation. This is because the plagues at the end of this age have the same purpose as the ones that came upon Egypt—to set God’s people free. For the last few years, some have awakened and begun to seek the kingdom first above anything else. These will be powerful messengers who will help wake up the rest of the body of Christ.

An awakened, encouraged church is also the most powerful evangelistic force there has ever been. As this Awakening continues to unfold, there will be many new believers. We are entering the first stages of the great harvest that is the end of this age. This will be the greatest ingathering there has ever been. It will change the spiritual and moral fabric of nations, profoundly changing the church throughout the earth. The church is then going to help change the earth and prepare the way for the coming King.

Chuck Pierce landscape
Chuck Pierce

This morning the Lord gave me the following word for our nation, America, and the Body within the U.S.A. However, if you are from another nation I want to encourage you to use it for your homeland as well. I believe this is what the Lord is doing in His People world-wide. Over the next six months, the nation of the USA will shake. This is the beginning of the Lord of the Nations calling out and separating the nations.

“I will develop boldness like never before in a people that have grown acceptable and silent. Don’t just look at others to lead the way, for a new spirit of boldness is coming upon you. I will be rearranging many things in your nation in the days ahead. I will start shaking the present Church, and will bring a new anointing on the pastors and leaders of this land. I will shake! I will shake! I will shake again! I am choosing nations that will become Sheep. A new people I am raising up for this hour. A different move of My Spirit is beginning. There will be a freedom moving among My people. A new wind of deliverance is coming into the Church. What you swept clean in the past and reordered in the present will now be shaken. Many demonic hosts have returned to occupy the order of the last season. I must unseat that order and rearrange you into My order. Don’t resist the shaking. A new move of healing will come.

I will have a two-year explosion of My Spirit. The underground fuse is being lit. The first responders are being re-fired for the future. There will be a sound that comes forth that will uncover what Satan has covered over and hidden. The day of occult confrontation has come! I will start separating nations and forming new sounds in My People that will realign their nation with My purposes. Those that do not allow a new move of MY SPIRIT to unlock their present order will be stymied and stopped from advancing. This is the DAY that the Valley of Decision of nations will be determined by the sound and worship of My People. Determine the worshipping, warring nations in the earth. A new sending anointing will be on the nations that unlock My sound.

The sound of One New Man must be heard — not a sound of Jew or Gentile but a new sound of the ONE NEW MAN in the nations. A new sending anointing will be on the nations that develop the sound of One New Man. Develop the sound in those who will go! Develop those with this sound who will walk the earth in THIS AGE! Get ready! This is the sound that I will disperse into the nations. My move will enter in and cross borders of many nations. I cannot be stopped. Shake, hear, receive the sound, walk forward and uncover what the enemy has covered over.”

Chuck D. Pierce

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 bill yount familyBill Yount – Sep 11, 2015

America, Is That a Prayer On Your Lips That I Hear…
and Is That a Tear in Your Eye?

In the Spirit I saw hairline cracks appearing on the marble floor of the White House. As I saw these hairline cracks, I sensed the Lord speaking from Job 14:7-9:

For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will grow again, and that the tender branch (of government) thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant.”


I sensed the Lord saying, “As Samson’s hair began to grow again, so are the spiritual roots of this nation.” As I saw the cracking of the floor increase, it was like the very foundation of deception and greed was beginning to be dismantled…exposing the enemy! (The enemy is not a man but satan.)

appeal to heaven flagI said to the Lord, “What has caused these spiritual roots to begin to grow again at this time?” I sensed the Father saying, “I have collected in a bottle every tear that swelled up in every eye that has mourned for this nation. These tears in My bottle are now being poured out over America, causing her roots of righteousness to begin to spring forth in the land.”

Paramedic Angels

ems-logoIn the spirit, I saw what appeared to be “paramedic angels” dispatched, dropping from the heavens, as in parachutes, landing on the front lawn of the White House. It seemed that those grass roots of righteousness that began to crack the White House floor had set off an alarm in Hell, summoning these angels with urgency to surround the White House.

I saw multitudes of other angels descending upon and filling up the mall of the nation’s capitol. I saw that these were Second Chronicles 7:14 angels who had the Scripture written all over them,

If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Warring on Corporate Prayer

pray for americaThese Second Chronicles angels seemed to have had assignments throughout the ages to descend upon nations that were in critical time frames where a nation seemed to be hanging in the balance of going either way. These angels warred solely and strictly on “corporate prayer” only! I sensed they had come to Washington, DC, but now were given orders to wait on the rising tide of “corporate prayer” from the heart of America.

Some certain angels were released into war for a nation only through tears…nothing else moved these ones. I asked the Lord, “Father, why ‘paramedic angels’? I have never heard of them.”

I sensed He responded, “I plan to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to America and kiss her face again!”

Oh America, is that a prayer on your lips that I hear…and is that a tear in your eye?

Bill Yount
Blowing the Shofar Ministry

Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 36 years where he is now an elder and a home missionary. He is currently an advisor at large for Aglow International. Bill faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope for 23 years and now travels full-time, both in the U.S. and internationally, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. “Humility and humor” characterize his ministry as he brings forth a fresh word that is “in season,” proclaiming the Word of the Lord! The shofar (or ram’s horn) is often used in his meetings, breaking the powers of darkness over regions, churches, and households. The shofar represents God’s breath blowing into the nostrils of His people, reviving them and awakening the lost. Many of God’s messages, which Bill ministers prophetically, come out of his everyday life with his family and friends.

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