Introductory Reading

About – Vision Statement
What is a new breed of business? (video)
What is the New Breed? (1-page PDF)
New Breed Road Map (4-page PDF)
Economy of the Upside-Down Kingdom (5-page PDF)
New Breed Intro Presentation (30-page PDF)
Non Profit Ministry Bulletin – Provision for coming decades (12-page PDF)
Am I a Slave? – Understanding financial and career slavery
God’s Economy – Biblical model different than capitalism or socialism
Come out of Babylon – God’s people come out of Babylon – Rev 18:4


YouTube Channel
YouTube Podcasts
YouTube Training Videos

The Storehouse

Storehouse Overview
Storehouse Intro Podcast
Storehouse Vision Cast (10-page PDF)
End Times Wealth Runway (11-page PDF)
N.E.C.A.P. – The New England Center for the Abolition of Poverty
The OMC Storehouse (3-page PDF)

Original writings and prophetic perspectives

Train Wreck – US Progressive Movement and Trump Train Crash (pub. in Morningstar Journal)
Newtown Tragedy – Turning back to God is the answer
Contentment – Devotional: Secret of God’s Economy (download)
Who are we Trusting – Devotional: God or Mammon (download)
God’s Economy – Devotional: exit Babylon & enter in (download)
Desert Thriving – Word for the USA in days ahead (pub. in 10 Days)
Financial Freedom – Devotional: True financial freedom (download)
H.E.A.R. – On the back of 10 Days of Prayer, a prophetic promise
Five Financial Principals of the New England Alliance
Come out of Babylon – Forerunners of America guest blog

white horse
Prophetic Words about the New Breed

The New Breed – Bob Jones 2008. Emerging breed of next-gen leaders
Shaken Leaders Arise – New breed of leader unmoved by pressure
New Season – New breed arising: Daybreakers and Dawnmakers
A New Movement – New breed of leader who refuses to compromise
Well Diggers – New breed of apostolic and prophetic revivalists
Five Trends – Rick Joyner: Kingdom Economy will begin to form 2016
New Breed Of Leadership Arising – Samantha Lee, Singapore
Prophets of Honor – Lana Vawser

Articles that Lend Understanding

Harness of the Lord – Entering into God’s will
Power of Choice – Death to self leads to God’s power being released
Doing or Transforming – Transformation, not achievement, is the key
Take the Snake by Its Tail – “God is my Pilot” so I let Him take the head
Hell is Real – 6 frequently asked questions about Hades
New Day Dawning – Being set apart for the days ahead
Mountains Turned into Plains – How to move in God’s power
Provision That Doesn’t Make Sense – Cornelius Quek

man looking spyglass
US Prophetic Words

Field of Dreams – Rick Joyner 1995: Dream about the US economy
The Coming Perfect Storm – John Paul Jackson – 51 min video 2008
The Coming Perfect Storm – John Paul Jackson – prophetic headlines
The Coming Perfect Storm – John Paul Jackson – 25 page PDF details
Perfect Storm – Bob Jones – 52 min video 2010
Guiding Voice in the Storm – Carter Conlon – Time Square Church
Connecticut – Chuck Pierce 2012: Strategic word for CT and the Nation
Sound the Alarm – Anne Graham Lotz calls the Church to repentance
U.S. New Birth – Kenneth Copeland shares hope for transformed USA
Calamity? – Jonathan Cahn: coming US trouble, but leads to revival
U.S. Shaking – Chuck Pierce: Shaking of USA will release new move
Tumultuous – Chuck Pierce: USA Most Tumultuous Time in 160+yrs
No Other Gods – Karen Dunham: Angels Singing Over USA
Winds of Adversity – Chuck Pierce: God’s Army to Form in USA
Key words for America – Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce Faneuil Hall

Strategic Words for the Body of Christ

New Resources are Coming – Supernatural provision in days ahead
The Fullness of Time – You decide: Judgment or Reigning with Christ
The Coming Promise – Bob Jones – God’s awaited promises fulfilled
These are the Days of Great Awakening – Trim the lamps and enter in
Season of War – Chuck Pierce – God’s people enforce Jesus’ victory
Awakening Covenant Roots – Chuck Pierce: US entering into “The New”
Rivers of Global Trade – Chuck Pierce: Big supply line changes ahead
Train Track Crash – Chuck Pierce: financial crash, church crash, shaking
Trumpian World – Dr. Miranda: how to be the church in these times
Transition to Governing – Dutch Sheets: Move into season of governing
Rick Joyner Special Bulletin Japanese Earthquake – 5 Part Series


Provision – 40 days to open portal of provision, revelation, destiny
Restoration – 10 days of prayer to overcome and be restored
Triple Grace – 21 day prayer focus to shout GRACE and receive FAVOR