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Peter and Family on the road in various RV Communities

Peter Rondeau is a friend and Kingdom unity catalyst hailing from New Hampshire. We met through a New England Alliance young leaders retreat several years ago. Peter is also an entrepreneur, having created a school textbook business from the ground up listening to the Lord.

Here Peter’s background :

In 2008, Lord gave me a textbook business that as I listened to him and did what he showed me. It rapidly increased as the market decreased. Did this until 2013 when the Lord invited me to “follow Him” and I left the business and followed Him. First destination was NH where I served a youth focused traveling discipleship ministry. After that the Lord sent me to Iris Leaders school in California for 9 months. After school I returned to NH and served in the house of prayer in Manchester while also connecting believers in the region.

Soon after got married to Greta and started a family as well as a residential remodeling business. This business allowed us to buy a rundown house, renovate it and sell it after enjoying it for 2 years.

He then led us as a family to “follow him” and we moved into an RV and followed where He led us! We started with one child and have added two more children since being “on the road”.

We’re being led towards starting more businesses that will fund the Kingdom and the things on His heart for the coming years!

Our family’s favorite song is “into the unknown” because the Father has proven Himself faithful over and over again as we orient our lives to carry out His plans here.

Family retreat center idea NH

Areas of Refuge Vision

God has him and his family on a unique RV journey throughout the country. Here is a vision he had recently which will be the basis of our discussion :

One night, after the kids were asleep, we joined together to praise the Lord and pray. I entered into a vision and appeared before me were communities of refuge all along I-81. This interstate highway runs all the way from Eastern, TN all the way to Canada! I saw them as necessary hubs, holistic communities that provided housing, food, training and care for a later to be known future need. I sensed there would be need for medical care and spiritual care. I sensed there would be need for these communities to be self-sustaining with income/business options, farms and food, an abundance of housing options and meeting spaces. I sensed that there was some type of upcoming event (even nuclear) on the east coast and this was the place where much of the eastern seaboard would run to for refuge.

Laying the Right Foundations

Peter and I have been having great conversations about humility and selflessness. Business opportunities given by God are more open-architecture green houses than “keep-it-secret and corner the market” kind of thing. The former is Kingdom and the latter is the way of worldly business thinking. This is the New Breed of Business.

Likewise, Peter says:

We’ve learned that community for the sake of doing community is also inherently selfish. It has to be laid-down love that looks like surrender and sacrifice. Aka Jesus. Do we want eternal foundations? Or Hype? (social media etc.)

Here is something he also pasted on FB

I see the Lord, raising up a countless number of home and parent type scenarios around the world that are being made ready to welcome the hurting and broken. So many that no one person or group can take credit for this move of God. These ones are being trained to come out of tradition and religion (which has a focus on form and function). They are being drawn to come back to learning Gods ways of love and family. Taking spiritual elitism, tradition and language out and replacing it with Gods original design of conversational talk leading to a (super)natural enjoyable life of surrender. One that starts in the Spirit and flows to the natural. I see these parents and families being ready to welcome a large number of children home and these children carry inside of them the blueprints and plans on the heart of the Father for his thoughts (glory) to cover the earth in the next season. Habakkuk 2:14. These children and plans will come disguised as broken vessels, often offensive to the religious. The parents job is to help them learn how to obey everything The Father has commanded, showing them who they are in Jesus first, then releasing and encouraging them to follow His commands and walk out the vision He has placed in their hearts! Currently we feel led to “relationally connect” these groups to create a larger “net” so nobody gets missed whom God has called home. These separate groups or “networks”, move and live as if they are one as we are One Body, the body of Christ. Nothing is their own, homes, land, wealth, etc.

Peter shares what they have tried to help create with their community there in the Greenville, South Carolina area…

Kingdom Wealth Transfer

The other dimension of our discussion is Kingdom wealth. Here are some thoughts from Peter on that…

The transfer of wealth from the wicked to righteous. I know we have an ever evolving understanding of the ways of the Lord, but I wanted to share an insight The Lord has given me about one way it can work and is playing out currently in our lives.

From 2008 to about 2013 I had a college textbook business. I would buy college textbooks from college professors that publishers had sent them for free as junk mail type marketing material in hopes that the professor will adopt their book and therefore would have X amount of books sales at usually around $200 a book.  It’s no secret that the publishing industry is certainly overpriced and arguably greedy. So because of this giant, standing up, if you will, perhaps, could even be referred to as the prostitute of Babylon. She created a shadow market that allowed us to come in and provide a win-win situation for everyone else, but the wicked. We provided a recycling source for these un-asked for books, which put cash in the hands of professors, then we sold them to another Christian owned company who employed many believers, who then sold them back to students at a reduced price. Our market would not have existed if the book was not originally priced at +/- $200. Therefore, it allowed us to accumulate the wealth that the evil created until that market no longer existed or shifted as it has.

In my own personal story, this is what enabled me to be a missionary to New Hampshire for the years, leaving South Carolina, and before I got married. The Lord in His wisdom allowed me the freedom to just serve him from the fruits of serving Him in the business that He had given me.

Fast forward to today, I see the same thing happening in the solar and lithium industry.

Just a few days ago, the Lord connected me with a source with a consistent supply of larger sized lithium batteries that still have about three years left on their service life. My guess (hunch) is they probably have 2 to 3 times what the manufacturer state is left in them. The industry that they came from would take no chances in a battery failing so, they probably de-rated their life from the manufacturer and then the end user also did the same.

My hunch is that the US probably won’t get to the place where we ever get the production up to the current (inflated) demand, because the industry will likely shift with political powers, etc. so it seems like a window of time (~5 years) for this opportunity. Other battery types are more sustainable and less destructive to the earth, but not widely manufactured yet.

The southeast is becoming the auto manufacturing center of the US and with the shift to EV stuff, battery recycling companies are setting up plants near these auto manufacturers.

The other side of this is used solar panels! Many industries have panels piling up and don’t have a way to discard them, there are already some companies selling used panels. I have access to these also.

Looking into it now to ponder which business model best reflects the fathers heart, so that we can make this a community business that can support his kingdom, I am eyeballing a “benefit corporation” but not set on anything.

Roundtable Discussion – Storehouse Structure and Governance

This is Part 5 in the “How To” Create a Storehouse Series

We discuss the structure and governance needed to set up and operate a “Storehouse”.


Storehouse Vision

How to Create a Storehouse Series:
Part 1: Seeding Storehouses
Part 2: Why a Storehouse?
Part 3: Needs not my Own
Part 4: Starting a Storehouse

Storehouse Governance/Leadership

Role of the 5-fold ministry

– Different types of Apostles – sent ones, unity catalysts, builders

– Roles of Prophets – situational prophets

– Evangelists Preach and Herald what God is doing

– Teachers, Pastors and the role of Discipleship

Role of City Elders

– Role of Deacons

Storehouse Structure:

– Laws

– Regulations

– Operating entities and legal structures

– Local and State specific issues

– Role of Compliance

– Attorneys / Advisors

– legal and tax experts

– the challenge of operating out of the box, yet complying to necessary laws and regs

Size Changes Things

– Household Storehouse
– House Church / Bible Study Storehouse
– City Level Storehouse
– Regional / State Level Storehouse

  • Convergence of Storehouse the the “Ark” / City of Refuge / City Unity Movements

  • Storehouse is like the central nervous system economically for a Kingdom Unity movement


-> We will use regional examples from around the world to illustrate how this works…

Example: Mid-Florida – the Original Manatee County (Bradenton/Sarasota)Testimony

Watch earlier interview here for background: Gary Crawford

King’s Station at 518 W 13th St

OMC gatherings and summits

Refinancing homes in foreclosure

Creating jobs

Serving the City

City Matters.

Interview – Uganda Storehouses with Joel Frazier

Joel in Jinja

This week we hear from Joel Frazier about his recent missions trip to Uganda, explore the intersection between the Storehouse and missions work, and pray into the future of this mission.

Jinja, Uganda
Discipling missions trip in the New Breed of Business

Uganda Charcol Project.jpg
Charcoal Kiln Project

Uganda Macrome Project.jpg
Ugandan Macrame Entrepreneurs

Joel Clownin’ with the Kids


Storehouse Vision


Joel’s debt miracle and refinancing story in the NECAP
Jinja, Headwaters of the Nile

Gregg’s ministry trip Jan 2007 to Uganda. Had a dream about the inheritance of the Storehouse and the New Breed of Business. Ministered in Jinja, where Joel went 15+ years later, fulfilling the dream…

Chris Lucey: A ministry to look up later for reference is ELI :

The Reconnection and New Breed of Business

Romans 911 Study Every 2nd Wednesday for 12 Sessions from 9-11am Eastern

Today’s discussion will focus on the introduction to the purpose and content of this study of the intersection between the “One New Man” and the “New Breed of Business”. The intersection of the “Reconnection” and “Coming out of Babylon”. A syllabus will be handed out for the first 6 sessions.

Background Reading/ Listening

Ezra Calling Podcast

visit for more information.

Doug Tjaden Interview P2

We have Doug back for part 2, discussing his forthcoming book “My Ways”. Today’s discussion on will spend more time on answering the “how to?” question.

Doug Tjaden

Background Reading and Listening:

I’ve Come to Give Interview
Currencies Discussion
My Ways Part 1

Interview Questions:

  1. So Doug, today let’s focus on Part 3 of your book, called “The Process”. Walk us through why you broke it up into the following 4 chapters: “Follow the Leader”, “Prepare Yourself”, “Embrace the Great Restoration”, and “Engage Your Community”.

  2. Let’s take a deeper dive on Chapter 12: “Engage Your Community”. What are Community Action Teams? This seems to be language that ties into the Statesman Project. Tell us about that.

  3. In the Storehouse Vision, we speak of the “Storehouse Community”. This is a subset of your local community, and is ultimately when Christian Community expands to include economy, trade, banking, and investment. We speak about it based on what Jesus said: “Where 2 or 3 are gathered… “. This creates a parallel economy rather than a replacement economy. It’s also easy to prototype. Sometimes, I refer to this strategy as “Celtic Evangelism”, which is a “come taste and see the Lord is good” strategy. Could you compare these ideas to what you’ve contemplated in Ch 12?  How does the Christian work together with unbelievers, or even those hostile to the gospel?

  4. How do we prevent or guard against old mindsets and worldliness creeping in? For example, how do we address fear and scarcity based mindsets? Mammon (the insatiable desire to earn money from any and all activities)? Especially as we engage and serve unbelievers in our communities. The human tendency to put ourselves and our own first (sometimes even second and third). How does the chapter “Prepare Yourself” relate to this as well as repentance and transformation?

  5. We talked about the potential for a third book focused on implementation and systems. Might we call that “The Prescription”? How do we further implement/prototype these ideas? What systems and technology are needed? Leadership structures? Checks and balances? Procedures? Rules? What have you contemplated in this regard? Esp. the food supply chain and agricultural lines.

Links to References in Discussion

“My Ways” Interview Doug Tjaden

We welcome back Doug and speak with him about his forthcoming book “My Ways” a guide to implementing biblical economics and sequel to “I Came To Give”.

Doug Tjaden

Background reading and listening:

We interview Doug this morning and catch up with him:

  1. Doug, so God has taken down another road of your journey with Him. Tell us about this past year.
  2. What prompted you to write the second book? Why was it needed? Why is it called “My Ways”?
  3. How do you see Kingdom economics play out in the lead up to Christ’s return?
  4. You lay the book out in 3 sections: Principles, Foundations and Process. Tell us about that.
  5. Why the focus on local economies? Agriculture? How does this tie into the local currencies idea? What will God’s ways look like in terms of food production, processing and distribution in the days ahead?


Doug Tjaden serves as co-leader of the Public Policy Focus Group for the Global Council of Nations / Statesmen Project and is founder of Project Thrive 21, a non-profit dedicated to establishing love for neighbors as the economic foundation of local communities. In early 2021 he released his book, I Came to Give (free copy) – Understanding the Great Reset and the Coming Age of Abundance… Doug is working with others to design and develop a new means of value exchange that is based on God’s principles of cooperation, stewardship, and abundance.

Doug also serves on the leadership council for the New Breed of Business and the Storehouse Network.

I Came to Give (free copy)

Interview – The UK Storehouse Team

The AAA Team

As part of the Seeding Storehouses series we interview the “Burton-on-Trent” UK pioneering team this Wednesday. Also heretofore now known as the “A-Team”. Yes, that’s Antoinette, Alexis and Angela.

From the home of Marmite, we explore “how they got here from there”.

Something is brewing in Burton!

Burton-on-Trent home of Marmite

Each of the A-Team’s backgrounds are unique, but they all have experienced the divine hand of Yeshua over their lives.

Knowing there is something better than the current way of economy and banking systems.

Knowing there must be a radical repentance among God’s people.

Knowing that Jesus is returning to Jerusalem to receive a new breed of believer, led by the Spirit, unified together as one new man – a Church without spot or wrinkle.

And as such the whole world will know. 

The Middle of the Midlands

We hear from each of them their testimonies and find out how they answer the question “why come out of Babylon?” and get their thoughts on the New Breed of Business and the Storehouse Vision…

Alexis on Assignment Sounding the Shofar in the Shetlands

Implementation Example:
Manatee County Storehouse

Presentation of the Manatee County Storehouse at the OMC “5-Fold” weekly meeting in Bradenton, FL. With the New Breed of Business as special guests.

Our host is Gary Crawford.

Background reading / listening:

Gary Crawford Interview – Cities of Refuge

Storehouse Vision

OMC/Manatee Storehouse Paper

Wealth: God’s Plan and Purpose Paper

Jonathan Gill Interview from Pakistan

Jonathan is an evangelist from Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Quick tour around Jonathan’s neighborhood:..

Pakistan is a majority Muslem nation, so much of his activity focuses on sharing the gospel with people from Muslem backgrounds. Muslims also very much control the government, business, schools, etc., so working as a Christian in their culture is working from the position of being “less than” as well as facing persecution.

His father in-law is the Pastor of a local church: Emmaus Evangelical Church. He and his family live on the “other side” of town where many of Christians live.

Jonathan with a local carpenter

Jonathan and his family are engaged as part of his church and ministry activity in helping poor people create businesses to help sustain their families. We have been talking about creating a Storehouse in his city and other entrepreneurial ideas. For example, his brother works for a large clothing manufacturing company, as the city is known for its export of tee-shirts and other clothing.

Jonathan’s family helps a widow and her kids:

Roxanna a believing poor mother and her children

This is all part of the discussion of reform God is looking for, such that ministries in 3rd world countries do not become dependent on US donor dollars, but instead become locally sustained. (Read the Non-Profit Ministry Bulletin white paper for details.) How? Through working toward the Storehouse vision and other New Breed of Business scriptural business practices, Christian groups anywhere can adopt these means of pooling together resources, discipling the poor and the needy into starting businesses, seeing God provide the increase, and many more becoming the lender instead of the borrower.

We can help foster John 17 unity through a New Breed of Community and economic development. Serving others. Loving others like Jesus.

I have come to give life, and life more abundantly

John 10:10

Implementation Interview: Chareese Whitaker Westbury

We hear from Chareese, her testimony on God’s goodness, faithfulness and financial provision. Chareese’s pastor growing up always emphasized the importance of not going into debt. Chareese will share her vision for an online House of Prayer and how God is leading her into new rivers of provision/finances for that house of prayer, not being interested in the hamster-wheel of traditional “fund-raising”. This discussion will be great for anyone wanting to learn how to trust God fully for provision, both for themselves/family as well as their ministry and business callings.

Chareese has been living in Connecticut since October 2015. Immediately after arriving, she became actively involved with the prayer movement throughout the state and region. She served Awaken the Dawn as Co-State Coordinator in 2017 by uniting and mobilizing various prayer and worship teams throughout the state, culminating in three days of 24/7 worship and prayer on the National Mall in Washington, DC. She has also served with CT Prays and National Day of Prayer (assistant to the Hartford County Coordinator). Chareese currently and uniquely serves in 10 Days of Prayer, Connecticut Capitol Prayer Network, House of Good Hope (house of prayer), racial reconciliation, and other prayer and church unity movements. She recently became a member and actively serves at LifeWay Church. She is also completing an Associate of Practical Theology at Christ for the Nations (Dallas).

I am proud to call her my spiritual daughter. As my friend Jonathan Friz likes to say: “We love Chareese!”

Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant

Psalm 35:27