Interview – Uganda Storehouses with Joel Frazier

Joel in Jinja

This week we hear from Joel Frazier about his recent missions trip to Uganda, explore the intersection between the Storehouse and missions work, and pray into the future of this mission.

Jinja, Uganda
Discipling missions trip in the New Breed of Business

Uganda Charcol Project.jpg
Charcoal Kiln Project

Uganda Macrome Project.jpg
Ugandan Macrame Entrepreneurs

Joel Clownin’ with the Kids


Storehouse Vision


Joel’s debt miracle and refinancing story in the NECAP
Jinja, Headwaters of the Nile

Gregg’s ministry trip Jan 2007 to Uganda. Had a dream about the inheritance of the Storehouse and the New Breed of Business. Ministered in Jinja, where Joel went 15+ years later, fulfilling the dream…

Chris Lucey: A ministry to look up later for reference is ELI :