Roundtable Discussion: How to Start a Storehouse 

This is Part 4 in a Storehouse “How To” Series
(our next session will be “Structure and Governance”)

By Way of Review

Storehouse Vision

How to Create a Storehouse podcast Series:

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How to Begin

We will discuss the basics of starting a Storehouse using two types of funding models at any group level (church community, city, county, state, region, nation) :

1. Create an evergreen “Common Fund” or “Storehouse Fund” to serve a community on an ongoing basis. You can think of this as an “and they laid the proceeds at the Apostles feet” as per Acts 4:35. You also can think of this as an Endowment or Foundation.

2. “Storehouse Project” funding whereby individuals within a community can opt-in or invest side-by-side and project by project. As part, each individual can also “store” resources in a type of account where they have the flexibility and choice to: invest from, transfer funds in and out of, have principal returned to, donate, purchase goods or services with, and receive gifts or dividends. There are 3 basic types of projects, which we generally categorize as: Assist (benevolence), Equip (interest free loans) and Destiny (dividending loans).

And how a hybrid of the two works together…

These models will focus around a simple USD based Storehouse, but can be done with any currency, or you can create a local currency (see Alt Currency podcast).

Examples mentioned in podcast

Mully Movie

Money has become a god to My people