Round Table Discussion

How to Seed Storehouses (Series)

Storehouse Hub and Spoke Network, Organically Grown by Seeding

Tomorrow we start a series we could call: “How to create a Storehouse”. If you get a chance, read through some of our intro materials here (feedback encouraged so we can improve) :

Because the Storehouse Vision is to create and connect to the Storehouse Network, it is really just part of the administrative, financial, investment backbone or infrastructure of the Church advancing the Kingdom. But, not depending on the financial systems and business practices of this world.

The Storehouse Network is a Fishes and Loaves Network

Storehouses can seed other storehouses to help grow this network. We discuss the problems of local sustainability, USD fund raising dependence, and the power of giving a hand-up instead of a hand-out.

Join us as we hear testimonies, share ideas, and learn together.

A Closing Prayer offered by Kay Cavander…

United by His spirit.
Let’s stand in one accord.
As people who have purposed.
To love and serve the Lord.

As We knit our hearts together
Through the Word and fervent
We can strengthen one another
And show the world we care.

So clothe yourself with Jesus,
Take up your sword and shield,
For our weapons are not carnal,
On this end time batlefield.

For we’re part of God’s great army,
Prepared in these Last Days,
To tell the lost of Jesus,
And set the world ablaze!

Now mighly God we praise you,
For all we’re yet to be,
As united by your Spirit,
We go on to victory!