One New Man Obstacles and Repentance


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October’s Study: Key Principles Part 1
November’s Study: Key Principles Part 2

Wednesday December 21st from 9-11am EST we have Part 4 of the Romans 911 / NBB joint study on Zoom. We will be entering into a teaching time followed by prayer time of breaking-off of replacement theology and anti-Semitism that has come through our family bloodlines or otherwise (deliverance and healing prayer). There is homework for this, which is in the study guide and the videos (see below). As always, if you need financial help purchasing the study Guide, we have scholarships so please let Grant or I know. Also, let us know if you have trouble playing the videos.

Below is Grant’s email with the homework assignment…

Please note the change of date and the HOMEWORK for our December meeting. Wednesday December 21st – 9-11 AM ET. HOMEWORK FOR NEXT SESSION – we are asking everyone in our group to watch the first part of Session two (video #3) in the R911 Study Guide video teachings before our next meeting. Please do your best to plan this time and watch the first teaching, as it will have a significant impact on the next teaching session that we will watch together as a group.
When you purchased the R911 Study Guide* you would have received a user and password to access the Video teachings on the Website. To access the videos, please follow the instructions below:
Click on the website and at the top, all the way to the right, click on the MY ACCOUNT tab – Then enter your user and password – Then click the VIDEO TEACHINGS TAB – Then click – Watch Christian Version – Then click the arrow down – Then click:
Christian Part 1 – PERSONAL FOCUS – Teaching # 3 – SESS 2A
In the STUDY GUIDE – To follow Teaching # 3 – SESS 2A, you can read SESSION 2 – THE RESTORATION Part A – Christian Obstacles – Page 23.
Please let us know if you need some help, or if you have any questions.
Lots of love in Yeshua,and for His Glory,

*Please note, to engage in the study, you will need to purchase The Romans 911 Study Guide book. When you do, you will immediately receive free access to review and watch our 14 hr video series that are taught in tandem with the Study Guide teachings. –