Romans 911 and NBB Parallel Study

Part 7: What Realignment Will Achieve

However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?

Luke 18:8



September’s Study: R911/NBB Study Intro
October’s Study: Key Principles Part 1
November’s Study: Key Principles Part 2
December’s Study: One New Man Obstacles
January’s Study: Divorce Baal/Mammon
February’s Study: Renew Your Mind


Romans 911 Study Guide:

Read Session 3, Part B “The Realignment” pages 69-82

New Breed of Business:

Read the Non-Profit Ministry Bulletin white paper
Read/Listen the Storehouse Vision page

Discussion Points

Romans 911

  • Strategy
  • Expectations
  • Passing the Baton
  • The One New Man
  • Prayer   

New Breed of Business

  • Return to Biblical Principals
  • Trust God materially by faith
  • Next Generation is the New Breed
  • Storehouse
  • Prayer