Roundtable Discussion

Listening to the Heartbeat of Israel
What is God doing? Saying?

It has been said that Israel is God’s prophetic timepiece and Jerusalem the seat of His Throne. Tomorrow we discuss what is going on in Israel and how that affects everything not only in the Kingdom of God, but in the world. Economically. Politically. Spiritually.

So we watch Israel, as we listen to the heartbeat of God. Praying for these dry bones to live! (Ez 37). Let’s explore the timing and alignment of Israel’s preemptive actions and how they relate to other key global moves.

Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do

1 Chron 12:32

I am very jealous for Zion; I am burning with jealousy for her. I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem will be called the Faithful City, and the mountain of the Lord Almighty will be called the Holy Mountain

Zech 8:2-3

Background Reading/Podcasts:

Roddey discusses importance of Old Jerusalem and Mt. Zion

Discussion Topics

1. Judicial Reforms. What are the implications?

Our friend Christopher Lucey sent this article to me, which was the inspiration for this discussion: Israel’s Central Bank Chief Warns Economic Crisis

Here is a Messianic counterpoint: Monty Judah discussed Judicial Reform in the end-time equation

2. 3rd Temple Construction

Myth? Reality? Timing?
Website on some of what is going on: Temple Institute Jerusalem

3. Russia.

Israel has an interesting relationship with Russia and China. They have not gone along with all the Western Sanctions, nor have they declared Russia an enemy. Why? We discuss.