the following is an excerpt from Chuck Pierce’s new book, The Passover Prophecies. It is a key dream Chuck had May 6th, 2020 to help understand future global trade, communication, currency and economy.


Like Egypt at the first Passover, manpower and domination of resources are key to recognize. This will be a pattern for the decade ahead—the ‘pey’ decade. I believe at Passover 2020 our eyes have been opened. World trade power is in a chess match. Trade is interesting. Lucifer was cast from heaven because of his iniquity of trading. In other words, Lucifer was looking for ways to gain power through negotiation and deal making. He is still doing that today. Fellow watchmen, if we don’t understand the warfare over trade systems and how to enter the kingdom of God, we will never see the transference of wealth for the latter-day harvest. Therefore, to understand Satan’s schemes, we must watch trading patterns carefully. China has ways to pull strings and gain inroads to become the major economic influencer in the world!

Because we are in an economic war, we will see great conflict between China and America in days ahead. There will be much discussion over who or what truly is the root cause behind this Coronavirus.

But the message of this book—and the more critical question of our time—is not in regard to the plague—like invasion of this pandemic. Rather, it is about God realigning power structures both in the earth and in the spirit.


On May 6, 2020, as this book was about to go to press, I had a dream that I felt compelled to share.

In the dream I was steering a shipping barge and being used to direct it to its new position in a port. I did a satisfactory job with this first barge that I was helping to dock. (I actually think this first ship represented the ways God led our team to facilitate intercessory prayer efforts within our spheres during President Trump’s first term in office.)

However, the timing of the dream then changed. I was now required to dock a second barge in a different port, but this docking job was much trickier and difficult to accomplish. I immediately knew a way to get this barge into port was the use of mirrors. When I docked the first barge, I had misinterpreted several reflections that had caused me problems. On the mirrors that I was using now, there were key reflections of other nations that were trading in the port. I had to maneuver around and past them to get the boat into position. Once I interpreted what other nations were trading in this new port, I used those dynamics to get the barge positioned.

I had to get the barge though a narrow entryway that was half the size of the barge, I could do this only if I understood how to use the mirrors that were available to me and that I could attach to the barge.

When using mirrors, you see a reversed image, so if you don’t interpret the image correctly, your movements are impeded. In my dream there was no way to maneuver the barge successfully through the port to its docking position without the use of mirrors.

I realized that I needed to update my wife, Pam, on my location and what I was doing. I went to use my cell phone to call her but knew it was not the proper way to communicate. It’s not that I couldn’t use my cell phone—I just knew that by using it, I would thwart the business that we had in the port. In other words, the line was not secure.

By this time, I was in a lounge at the port. I noticed a land-line. I unplugged the phone and the line from the wall and brought it into a glass business center setting. I tried to use the landline but couldn’t get through and realized I needed a certain code to access an outside line. So I couldn’t use the landline to connect with my wife. I knew I could figure out the code but also realized that was not the right mode of communication in this case.

The barge captain came into the lounge and asked if I was trying to use the phone. I said yes. He said, “Using the landline will cost you an exorbitant rate, and you need a code. Let me bring you another device for communication.” (I had the impression that someone would trace a landline call to me because of how large the bill would be.)

The captain returned with a new hidden device. This was an odd pay phone looking thing about the size of a watch box. I realized that to activate the phone and make a successful connection, a portion of the device had to catch a coin from our current US dollar economy. Once the device was activated, there was a money clip—like wallet/phone that I could use to make my call. This portion of the device, however, required some sort of new currency to activate and operate the device in order to have successful communication.

This currency was like crypto-currency, but it was something else—and I knew I didn’t have the proper currency to operate the device and make my connection. Only this new currency could operate the device, and some way or another the currency had a chip in it that would cause the device to work.

And then the dream ended.


Here are some of the things I see in the dream:

  • Know that our trade systems will be severely tested! Our trade systems need to get established in current and new ports in the days ahead in new ways. This season of trade ahead will be much more difficult than the last season.
  • Realign with key nations. In the dream I saw the reflection of many nations in the mirrors (Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, and Germany, to name a few). It was those reflections that I was using to maneuver the second barge into the port. These nations had found their way into the port.
  • We will contend with China. In my dream I knew China was controlling the overall operations of the port. As I interpret it, in the days ahead there will be great contention with China over who will dominate world trade.
  • Our communication system must change as quickly as possible. One of China’s war tactics (in terms of trade, economics, and world power) will be to lock us out of certain trade ports. The only way we will be able to become established is to maneuver through other nations and then communicate using a different type of communication system.
  • Somehow gold is key in the new currency.
  • The president could win a second term. In my dream I believe the second port represents the president’s second term in office. As I write this, I haven’t heard clearly yet from the Holy Spirit whether the president will be reelected and am seeking the Lord daily. But this dream was the first inkling in the spirit that I’ve had about a possible second term. As well, and as we touched on earlier, the ways in which we operated in the last season as a church and nation will not work in the new season. We must let go of the old. In that sense the same is true for the president. For the president to be successful in his second term, he must understand things that were not interpreted correctly in the last season. I know that if Trump doesn’t remain in office, China will take over as the dominant world power in terms of trade and economics.
  • Israel is a key. On May 6, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could form a new government, ending a seventeen—month political stalemate and preventing the country from plunging into a fourth consecutive election in just over a year. Now we must realign with Israel for trade. When Israel was maturing as a modern nation, many other nations resisted trading and working with Israel. It had to learn creatively how to grow, produce, and use its own food and to develop many other innovative products, devices, and systems. This will be similar for our communication in the future. Israel will help develop ways for us to communicate so our trade system will flourish.


Think of Daniel in exile in Babylon. He moved among—and excelled in—the powerful pagan society that was Babylonia. Daniel worshiped the God of his forefathers and went above the understanding of the Babylonian magicians—much in the same way that Moses was a channel through which God outwitted the sorcerers of Pharaoh. In the Book of Daniel, after Nebuchadnezzar’s magicians, astrologers, and sorcerers failed to interpret the king’s dream, Daniel was summoned. (See Daniel 2.)

Daniel asked the king to give him time to interpret the dream. Daniel and his companions then sought “mercies from the God of heaven concerning this secret [i.e., the dream], so that Daniel and his companions might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon. Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. So Daniel blessed the God of heaven” (Daniel 2:16—19, NKJV).

As we move forward, we must learn from Daniel. As we wait, watch, and follow the Lord’s leading on how and when to take action, it is vital that we

  • take time to accurately hear from the Lord, just as Daniel did when he asked Nebuchadnezzar for time to seek God (V. 16);
  • find like-minded believers who will press in to God as we watch and pray with them in this new season  (vv. 17-18);
  • have faith that God will meet us in our sphere of assignment and authority and that the secret will be revealed to us as the Lord chooses. This might happen through prayer, the Word, other believers, or, as in Daniel’s case, a prophetic dream or other prophetic revelation (v. 19); and, most importantly,
  • bless the God of heaven for the new revelation and season and for His goodness (v. 19).

We must be like Daniel in the cultural and spiritual Babylon in which we live. He gained such favor with the pagan king that he was able to save the lives of the magicians. (See Daniel 2:24-25.) He didn’t use the magicians’ type of access to revelation; he went above it (in the earthly realm) and came back down into it (in the earth realm). That is exactly what we need to do.

Chuck Pierce
The Passover Prophecies, 2020
Excerpt from the book pp.109-114