Discussion: Implementing Community-Based Models

Wednesday 8am EST we will host a round-table discussion via Zoom (email info@newbreed.co if you’d like to join) on the “how to’s” and testimonies of implementing local economy and banking in the context of the citywide/regional church/ministry unity (some use the terminology “ecclesia”). Including:

  • The role of regional elders
  • The role of discipleship in Christ, but also in the new way of business
  • Role of house of worship and prayer (Jesus at the center)
  • Local traditional banking credit union/cooperative bank (FDIC)
  • Local alternative banking (new payment/investment platforms)
  • Local currency (BerkShares in Western MA)
  • Local barter / sales / exchanges (criag’s list, FB marketplace)
  • Incubators / Start-up support (venture capital ideas)
  • Missional support local and remote
  • Community benevolence funds (helping the poor, widow, orphans)
  • Community “lending” as ways of helping people
  • Housing
  • Storehouses of resources
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Networking Christian businesses together (exchanges)
  • Role of “Apostolic HUBs” (“Righteousness Centers” or “ARKs” or “Holy Spirit Hotspots”)
  • Training and Equipping of the saints Eph 4

Looking forward to sharing testimony, exploring working models and future models.

We Need Your Feedback!

Since April, we have been gathering across the country on these Zoom calls to discuss the “New Breed of Business” revelation, repentance and reformation for the Body of Christ in the areas of economy, business, banking, investing and finance, and how that can impact our communities for good and win people to Christ.

We have been getting a lot of positive feedback and encouragement!

Two distinct purposes seem to have emerged:

  1. Education and Repentance
    Understanding what the socio-economic issues are today that are problematic in God’s sight (the theology behind the need of repentance) and the biblical solutions we have largely ignored or forgotten about. Simple things like keeping the Sabbath holy, not profiting nor charging interest on the poor, forgiving debts and resting the land (sabbatical). Since these matters are such a “blind spot” in the Church today, there is huge ground to make up in preaching and teaching this repentance and reformation message. Most Christians think our USA economy today is neutral (just infrastructure of markets and free trade) and not a problem in God’s sight. Yet, we are confused why these shakings keep shaking our economy.

For this reason, we have uploaded these discussions to the website and various podcast channels (see below). Please feel free to pass along these links to anyone who would benefit. Also, please invite anyone you think would benefit from joining the Zoom conversations.

  1. Networking Regional Implementation Teams
    Gathering together apostolic/prophetic leaders and teams across the nation who are already taking steps towards implementing these economic models and ideas. But we need shared wisdom and guidance to make good decisions in helping our communities.

One proposal on the table is that we would focus on Education, say week 1 and 3 each month and Implementation week 2 and 4. Or something similar.

In any event, write us back (info@newbreed.co) and let us know what you have liked and what you have disliked. And any suggestions you may have.


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