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Implementation Example

Part II: Mission City, San Antonio with Jonathan Serenil

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History of Apostolic Ministry Center Revelation:

  • 1999 Superbowl Sunday vision of Mission City
  • 2017 MA trip led to Jonathan Friz 2017 and Northfield ARK model
  • 2019 CO trip met Gayle Perry and Lighthouse Vision
  • 2019 FL Trip – Intercession City, FL model

Related Models

  • Cities of Righteousness (Gary Crawford)
  • Cities of Refuge (Jews making Aliyah and Church underground railroad)
  • Apostolic Hubs (Chuck Pierce)
  • Holy Spirit Hot-Spots
  • St. Patrick and Celtic “Monasteries”
  • Freedom Centers
  • Collaborative ARK (Northfield, JAMA)
The 4-in-1 Model

The “One”

  • Prayer (e.g., Moody Chapel, Mt. Zion HOP, intercession, Tabernacle of David 24/7 worship and prayer)

The “Four”

  • Missions (e.g., Student Volunteer Movement, US Center for World Missions, Inherit The Nations)
  • Education (e.g., Moody girls and boys school, Training and Equipping for the NE Church, CS Lewis University)
  • Church Unity (e.g., summer campground gatherings, NE united nights of worship, 10 Days events)
  • Local Community (e.g., Trinity church Northfield, farming, local commerce, housing)

HUB and Spoke cell structure

  • Tying all types of churches together through HUB and spoke system

November 11-14th
New Breed Gathering San Antonio

We are gathering in San Antonio this November 11 as a remnant united, repenting and standing in the gap for America’s four great sins that God judges every nation for in scripture : Forsaking God, Shedding of Innocent Blood, Sexual Immorality and Greed. We will also be moving into the new wineskin by teaching on the Lamb’s reformation, preparing the Bride for the coming wedding banquet, entering into into the Millennium, and establishing the Government of God on the earth.

Implementation Example

Mission City, San Antonio with Jonathan Serenil


Facebook Page:

  • 1999 – Initial vision of building / ministry – Superbowl Sunday
  • 2012 – Beginning of “Revelation Lounge”
  • 2015 – God encounter: “Do you want to break a cycle?”
  • 2017 – Sent to Massachusetts, followed by Ozarks
  • 2020 – Establishing of “Mission City”

Mission City is an apostolic ministry center. We believe this is best explained in the four pillars of our ministry:


We want to encourage believers/Christian’s and non-believers/non-Christians with hope. And the only hope we have is in Jesus Christ. We believe that our words AND deeds will bring hope to others as we walk out our faith in God. 


Many times when people are encouraged they begin to ask questions and desire to follow what brought them encouragement. When that opportunity arises we believe the next step is to teach/disciple and equip them through the Word of God.


After being encouraged and equipped we have found that people begin to identify gifting and talents within themselves. It is then necessary for them to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry out their calling.


This is two-fold. Once they are encouraged, equipped and empowered we find that many times the Holy Spirit apostolically reveals purpose and destiny and sends people out to replicate a similar model for others in whatever place they were sent to. Secondly, through many of the gifting, talents, skills, trades etc. in the people themselves, Kingdom businesses and services opportunities are made available. Through these opportunities we are able to teach others a skill and/or a trade and simply give them the ability to get out of a negative life cycle. Also, we are able to use these businesses and services to minister the hope and love of Jesus Christ to our local community whether they believe in Him or not. Many times we are able to deliver these goods and services at a reduced cost or even for free. This model may sound familiar to some. For us, we see something similar to this throughout the book of Acts. The church and people are encouraged as God is adding to the church daily those that were being saved (Acts 2:40-41, 47). The new followers were being taught and discipled (Acts 2:42, 4:2:). They were empowered by the filling of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:15-17, 9:17). And for some they were appointed to be sent out to do what they witnessed (Acts 8:14, 8:26, 10:19-20, 13:2-4).

Excerpt from our website regarding the importance of the Tabernacle of David/House of Prayer/Prayer Room…

While there is much to explain on the subject of operations, of even higher importance is to outline the cornerstone of the Apostolic Ministry Center: the prayer room.  There are many facets, and even understanding that has yet to be given regarding what an apostolic ministry center is. Because of this, there are many perspectives and even expectations for a vision of this magnitude. It is easy to be distracted by these and lose sight of our first love, which is ministry unto the Father. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God. We believe that before we can ever reach our city (or even our own homes for that matter) we must first reach out to God. This is why we know that in the center of this effort resides a home for the tabernacle of David, a continuously running house of prayer.  Having a dedicated enclosed space for prayer and worship unto the Father 24/7 in the midst of this place is key. This is not only desired but we can’t emphasize enough how much this is direly NEEDED. This is the fuel and the fire for all that will transpire from this place, especially missions.”

Mission City website

Examples of God’s Supernatural Provision of Resources and People:

  • Revelation Lounge supernatural $90k provision for 3-year lease and supernatural end of lease
  • Being obedient in heading to Concord and Lexington, Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod MA having sold everything
  • Meeting Mike Bickle in the Ozarks, the HOP revelation, and 4 days later being invited to IHOP annual staff retreat as Mike’s guest
  • Supernatural provision of housing and vehicle for Jonathan’s family
  • New lease for Mission City and how God brought in $60k of T-Shirt orders in supernaturally to cover things

Examples of Apostolic Ministry Center Revelation in the Lord’s Sending Out:

  • Jonathan Friz 2017 and Northfield ARK model in MA- 2011 Vision Gayle Perry from 2019 meeting in CO
  • Intercession City FL diagram – 2019 meeting in FL

Discussion: Implementing an “Ark”

How to build an … ARK? An interview with Chris Lucey and Jonathan Friz…

They go by various names: The ARK Collaborative; Apostolic HUBs; Training; Equipping and Sending Centers; Holy Spirit Hot-spots; Cities of Refuge. Whatever we want to call them, they are part of the new wineskin of what God is doing on the earth as part of advancing the Kingdom and networking the Church. The city of Antioch served as a type of ARK back in the book of Acts:

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.

Acts 13:2

We interview Chris Lucey, Chief Administrative Officer, JAMA Global (with Jonathan Friz also as guest) on how to build an ARK. Jonathan, Chris and I have been collaborating on the ARK concept for sometime now. Here was a proposed description from 2016 regarding the Northfield D.L. Moody Campus in Western MA…

4-in-1 ARK Concept

4+1 Sound of Music DVD set in dream

Functionally, what do we understand so far? We are speaking with respect to the proposed “uses” of the campus. There seems to be several common threads to all the ideas (whether the Pioneer Team, NE Alliance, the ARK, as well as the legacy of what historically has happened on the D.L. Moody Campus). They are:

  • Prayer (e.g., Moody Chapel, Mt. Zion HOP, intercession, Tabernacle of David 24/7 worship and prayer)
  • Missions (e.g., Student Volunteer Movement, US Center for World Missions, Inherit The Nations)
  • Education (e.g., Moody girls and boys school, Training and Equipping for the NE Church, CS Lewis University)
  • Church Unity (e.g., summer campground gatherings, NE united nights of worship, 10 Days events)
  • Local Community (e.g., Trinity church Northfield, farming, local commerce, housing)

Shortly thereafter in 2017/8, Chris relocated to East Texas having agreed to be brought on as CAO for JAMA Global. This came out of advising Dr. Kim and the JAMA board in purchasing the old Keith Green’s “Teen Mania” Campus, now headquarters to J.A.M.A. Global (Jesus Awakening Movement for America) in order to form an “Ark” style collaborative. Here is an excerpt from Chris:


JAMA is building a “collaborative kingdom community”. A mix of program offerings challenge young adults to top-level senior executives. JAMA is raising up the next generation of global servant-leaders, business innovators, missionally minded entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

It is like a Spiritual Military Base

Dr. Kim founder of JAMA Global

Notes: Our campus is 471 acres with approximately 300,000 sqft – admin, dorms, gym, auditorium, cafeteria, etc. 

Components of the JAMA “Ark”:

Lindale Kingdom College – 4 year undergrad accredited college

JAMA Global Foundation – serves as a type of impact investment fund- think tank research projects to imagine new kingdom ventures

JAMA Global Church– JAMA is structured as a church 

JAMA Global Ministries – we also offer a post-grad leadership program Global Leadership Development Institute (it has over 700 alum/ 100 from SK)

JAMA Conference Facilities – dorm style services for up to 300 guests- pool with water slides & park areas- gym for indoor sports and archery – hunting on 300 acres back of the campus

The Furnace – a podcast to discuss the integration of faith and entrepreneurship as a founder

Incubator (some on campus, some virtual)- working with first time founders to co-create what they’ve been entrusted/ assigned to do

Mission Grove Homes – A pilot senior missional-living community- Beta is 50 units ( duplex/triplex ) in 2020- Full scale up to 350 homes (college, etc.)-

Mission Grove – Farms & Gardens – 5 acre organic farm w/ 3,000sqft greenhouse (supports churches & food banks) and feeds our campus – approximately 25 acres of planned farms with chickens for laying and meat processed on site ( this is in design stage )

Next stage discussions – creating a “complimentary currency” for campus and community use in US & S Korea- EB5 program possible interest for real estate development ventures – QOZ & Qualified Opportunity Fund- Seeking business that create revenue [when non-profit tax deductions for away this next decade ( over $300B+ annual revenue industrywide that is not being taxed today – it could change].

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