Implementation Update with Gary Crawford

Gary Crawford will update us as to what is happening in the “OMC” (that’s the Original Manatee County – in West Central Florida/Bradenton/Sarasota). Read background here:

The Joseph Fund is essentially the Florida implementation of the Storehouse vision. It is a resource center for helping people in need, sowing into them, not just in benevolence, but in discipleship, equipping and lending. There are three funds within the Joseph fund – Rescue, Equip and Destiny. Why is lending important? Because if someone is willing to work to repay, which is an honorable goal and part of Christian discipleship into becoming the lender instead of the borrower (Deut 28:12).

Also, Gary will introduce us to a new set of videos called the Contender Series of which here is a draft of the first video. The Contender series was put together to help educate the Body of Christ about the times and seasons we are in, and how we are called to contend for the faith in the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Finally, Gary will explain the City Matters platform in more detail, which is like Lotus Notes for the church. OK, what the heck is Lotus Notes (early 90s reference)? Basically it’s a collaborative cloud-based platform for the citywide church. A bit social media, a bit bulletin board, a bit of collaborative discussion, a bit writing the vision down and making it clear. It’s a way the citywide church can communicate electronically on an independent platform.

What Inhibits the Church from Moving into These Models?

Career and Calling in the 21st century – a contrast of perspectives. The stronghold of Mammon on traditional church – laity structures vs. the 5-fold (Ephesians 4) and citywide elder leadership structure.