Round Table Discussion:

Vaccine Mandates

The last two sessions, we touched on vaccine mandates – how they affect the supply chain, the economy and inflation.

We discuss the controversial topic of CV19 vaccines among the body of Christ. Some are for, some are against. Should we let this issue divide the Church?

Gary Crawford recommended a good video of a panel of doctors and scientists who discuss openly the various approaches to addressing the COVID virus and disease, including prevention, therapeutics, role of vaccines, the influences of government and the largest pharmaceutical companies.

If this gets censored, here is another copy of the video…

Government Overreach?

And what about governmental mandates and executive orders? Is it executive overreach?

Vaccine passports? Is it a violation of the Constitution? Should people lose their jobs over this? Is this bad economic policy? Is this a sign of further governmental tyranny to come?

Public Good Argument

Or on the other side, as Rick Warren says, is getting the vaccine a form of loving our neighbor? Is it good economic policy because it will expedite returning things more quickly to “normal”? And what about the argument of the public good outweighing individual freedoms?

Did you know the US Supreme Court upheld smallpox vaccine mandates in 1905 by a vote of 7-2? Read Jacobson vs. Massachusetts.

What is God saying in all this?