Interview: Part 2 Doug Tjaden
and his book “I Came To Give”

Doug Tjaden serves as co-leader of the Public Policy Focus Group for the Global Council of Nations/Statesmen Project and is founder of Project Thrive 21, a non-profit dedicated to establishing love for neighbors as the economic foundation of local communities. In early 2021 he released his book, “ I Came To Give   – Understanding the Great Reset and the Coming Age of Abundance.” Doug is working with others to design and develop a new means of value exchange that is based on God’s principles of cooperation, stewardship and abundance.

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This week we will continue the discussion with Doug on the subject of currencies. Before we do, here are some prior New Breed discussions regarding alternative currencies, including crypto currencies and specifically Bitcoin.

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Doug Tjaden Interview Questions Part 2:

3. Doug, one of your areas of focus is on currency. The world’s history of it. What the bible has to say about it. And what is God saying about it for believers today? Why does currency matter?

4. Give us an implementation example at work today of a local agricultural backed currency: Community “X” predominantly grows “Y”.

5. Practical example of how a network of local currencies can work (be exchanged for one another). (the Bancor Network system being implemented in Israel as example)

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