“My Ways” Interview Doug Tjaden

We welcome back Doug and speak with him about his forthcoming book “My Ways” a guide to implementing biblical economics and sequel to “I Came To Give”.

Doug Tjaden https://thrive21.org/

Background reading and listening:

We interview Doug this morning and catch up with him:

  1. Doug, so God has taken down another road of your journey with Him. Tell us about this past year.
  2. What prompted you to write the second book? Why was it needed? Why is it called “My Ways”?
  3. How do you see Kingdom economics play out in the lead up to Christ’s return?
  4. You lay the book out in 3 sections: Principles, Foundations and Process. Tell us about that.
  5. Why the focus on local economies? Agriculture? How does this tie into the local currencies idea? What will God’s ways look like in terms of food production, processing and distribution in the days ahead?


Doug Tjaden serves as co-leader of the Public Policy Focus Group for the Global Council of Nations / Statesmen Project and is founder of Project Thrive 21, a non-profit dedicated to establishing love for neighbors as the economic foundation of local communities. In early 2021 he released his book, I Came to Give (free copy) – Understanding the Great Reset and the Coming Age of Abundance… Doug is working with others to design and develop a new means of value exchange that is based on God’s principles of cooperation, stewardship, and abundance.

Doug also serves on the leadership council for the New Breed of Business and the Storehouse Network.

I Came to Give (free copy)