Interview – The UK Storehouse Team

The AAA Team

As part of the Seeding Storehouses series we interview the “Burton-on-Trent” UK pioneering team this Wednesday. Also heretofore now known as the “A-Team”. Yes, that’s Antoinette, Alexis and Angela.

From the home of Marmite, we explore “how they got here from there”.

Something is brewing in Burton!

Burton-on-Trent home of Marmite

Each of the A-Team’s backgrounds are unique, but they all have experienced the divine hand of Yeshua over their lives.

Knowing there is something better than the current way of economy and banking systems.

Knowing there must be a radical repentance among God’s people.

Knowing that Jesus is returning to Jerusalem to receive a new breed of believer, led by the Spirit, unified together as one new man – a Church without spot or wrinkle.

And as such the whole world will know. 

The Middle of the Midlands

We hear from each of them their testimonies and find out how they answer the question “why come out of Babylon?” and get their thoughts on the New Breed of Business and the Storehouse Vision…

Alexis on Assignment Sounding the Shofar in the Shetlands