Roundtable Discussion – Storehouse Structure and Governance

This is Part 5 in the “How To” Create a Storehouse Series

We discuss the structure and governance needed to set up and operate a “Storehouse”.


Storehouse Vision

How to Create a Storehouse Series:
Part 1: Seeding Storehouses
Part 2: Why a Storehouse?
Part 3: Needs not my Own
Part 4: Starting a Storehouse

Storehouse Governance/Leadership

Role of the 5-fold ministry

– Different types of Apostles – sent ones, unity catalysts, builders

– Roles of Prophets – situational prophets

– Evangelists Preach and Herald what God is doing

– Teachers, Pastors and the role of Discipleship

Role of City Elders

– Role of Deacons

Storehouse Structure:

– Laws

– Regulations

– Operating entities and legal structures

– Local and State specific issues

– Role of Compliance

– Attorneys / Advisors

– legal and tax experts

– the challenge of operating out of the box, yet complying to necessary laws and regs

Size Changes Things

– Household Storehouse
– House Church / Bible Study Storehouse
– City Level Storehouse
– Regional / State Level Storehouse

  • Convergence of Storehouse the the “Ark” / City of Refuge / City Unity Movements

  • Storehouse is like the central nervous system economically for a Kingdom Unity movement


-> We will use regional examples from around the world to illustrate how this works…

Example: Mid-Florida – the Original Manatee County (Bradenton/Sarasota)Testimony

Watch earlier interview here for background: Gary Crawford

King’s Station at 518 W 13th St

OMC gatherings and summits

Refinancing homes in foreclosure

Creating jobs

Serving the City

City Matters.