70 straight hours of prayer and worship live at IHOP Kansas City interceding for the world to be transformed in Christ: 7 challenges. 7 mountains. 7 regions.

March 24-27th 2013.

Live streaming now – click here http://transformworld2020.com or here http://www.ihopkc.org

The Transform World movement was catalyzed when 120 Christian leaders met in Seoul Korea 2003. The first global gathering was Transform World Indonesia 2005, which culminated with 112,000 crying out to Jesus in the national stadium (Indonesia largest Muslim population in the world). It has since spread around the globe, embracing the transforming revival and awakening active in Latin America, Asia and Africa (more have come to Christ in past 20 years than rest of history) with the further hope and expectation of transformation reaching the Western world.

Click here http://www.transform-world.net/new/ for more info.

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