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Seventh Day of Passover: Our Commitment

Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians?’ It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!

Exodus 21:12

(Today is the seventh and final day of Passover, 22 Nissan when the nation of Israel passed through the Red Sea on dry land in their Exodus from being slaves in Egypt. Read No Fear of Death as a compliment to this article)

Taken from the Jerusalem Post, April 23, 2022


Originally Published: APRIL 27, 2016

Painting by Yoram Raanan,

Even for a people of faith, the long wait for redemption can be hard. This week, Holocaust Remembrance Day marks the most chilling example of that, yet, amidst the darkness there are humbling stories of courage and idealism. How did people cling to that faith? On the seventh day of Passover, we rightly celebrate the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, but at the time, it was unclear that the Jews were ripe for redemption or that the Jewish nation would survive.

As the Jewish people saw the Egyptians chasing after them and the sea spread out in front of them, their future felt bleak. Their first instinct may have been, as the Ramban (Nahmanides) suggests, to pray for an Egyptian retreat, but when that did not materialize, feelings of hopelessness spread.

“It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!” they screamed at Moses.

Their fears were well founded; they faced a formidable enemy, but legitimate nerves shouldn’t dissolve into desolation and despair. The complete collapse of confidence that led Jews to advocate a return to Egyptian slavery almost spelled an end to our history.

According to some, even Moses’s prayers reflect the despondency. The Seforno explains that while our leader remained steadfast in his faith that God could rescue the people, he was far less confident that the Israelites would not pack up their bags and return to slavery in Egypt.

Later in the Torah, we read about individual slaves who choose a lifetime of slavery over freedom. The Torah does not rule out this option, but it is withering in its critique of those who give up on life’s opportunities and the Jewish people’s mission.

Becoming a slave for life is marked by a ceremony in which the slave is taken to a doorpost where his ear is pierced. Our rabbis explain that a Jew whose ears heard God declare that we are his people should never trade the chance of freedom for a lifetime of enslavement; hence the ritual of piercing the ear.

The doorposts where we placed lamb’s blood on the eve of our Exodus to freedom testify to the independent life we are expected to lead, which is why that is the venue for the slave’s ceremony. Tosafot adds that the hole is made with an awl, whose Hebrew spelling has a numerical value of 400 – the number of years we were condemned to slavery in Egypt (Kiddushin 22b).

To surrender the opportunity to play a role in Jewish history by turning oneself into an eternal slave is a denial of everything we hold sacred. As an embryonic nation, such panic was forgivable. God accepts it quietly, inviting the people to sit back and witness their own salvation. For Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch this moment forged our identity; developing faith and dignity for future generations who might not be privy to spectacular miracles.

This was most powerfully illustrated by Jews who clung to their faith through the darkest and most challenging days of the Holocaust. Here are three examples.

I am writing this column in the National Library of Israel. Sitting a few seats away from me with his head immersed in a volume of Talmud is Prof. David Weiss Halivni. As one of 2,000 prisoners held at the Wolfsberg concentration camp, he was put to slave labor in a squad that dynamited, chiseled and hauled rocks.

Their Nazi guard ate his greasy sandwich from a crumpled bit of paper, which the teenage scholar instantly recognized as a page ripped from a Shulhan Aruch. Desperate for spiritual study material, he plucked up the courage to prize the page from the guard. Every week, Jewish inmates gathered to study the laws of Passover from that folio cementing their connection with Jewish history and tradition.

Amon Goeth, commandant of Plaszow labor camp, was renowned for his brutality. It was said that he never sat down to breakfast without first shooting at least one Jew, while his dogs, Rolf and Ralf, were trained to savage the other inmates. Still, the Jewish slaves in his brush factory maintained their faith and sense of purpose with a secret daily Talmud class. When their studies were over, they rushed to complete their weekly work quota, to avoid laboring on Shabbat.

Amon Goeth, commandant of Plaszow labor camp, was renowned for his brutality. It was said that he never sat down to breakfast without first shooting at least one Jew, while his dogs, Rolf and Ralf, were trained to savage the other inmates. Still, the Jewish slaves in his brush factory maintained their faith and sense of purpose with a secret daily Talmud class. When their studies were over, they rushed to complete their weekly work quota, to avoid laboring on Shabbat.

Meanwhile, when the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and the murder of its remaining inhabitants seemed inevitable, young Jews from the Jewish youth movements determined that they would not surrender.

Nor would they be anyone’s slaves. They would courageously fight the Germans; dying with dignity as Jews. Ghetto chronicler Emmanuel Ringelblum records the spirit.

“‘Our fate is sealed,’ people were saying. Every Jew carries a death sentence in his pocket, handed him by the greatest murderers of all time. So we must think not so much of saving our lives, which seems to be a very problematic affair, but of dying an honorable death, dying with weapons in our hands.”

Even in the most desperate times, Jewish dignity was to be upheld as best it could.

It is hard to know how any of us would have responded to these challenges. Fortunately, we don’t have to.

Today, we are blessed with a secure, democratic, Jewish state. That’s why it is particularly distressing to read reports of Jews who abandon Jewish tradition, drop their Jewish identity and give up on the State of Israel.

On the seventh day of Passover, as we cross the Red Sea, with its attendant difficulties, we reaffirm our commitment that however desperate the situation, we do not surrender our ideals – a message inspired and reinforced by the example of those who clung on to their faith through the horrors of the Holocaust and battles for the establishment of Israel. 

The writer is the British United Synagogue’s rabbi in Israel.

“A prayer for business and the business of prayer”

Do you have a heart to pray for God’s Economy to come forth in the business realm across the earth? Do you long for God’s people to come out of Babylon in preparation for Jesus’ return? Join us for Monday Noonday Prayer (EST) on Zoom for one hour!

Fulton Street 1857 Prayer

Jeremiah Lanphier and business people from all over Manhattan gathered and prayed in 1857 – and it changed the world… How do we change the world? One intentional prayer at a time…  Where two or three are gathered…there I am Matt 18:20.

Sign Up for Prayer
If you want to join us Mondays Noon EST on Zoom to pray for business and financial reform, email us at and we will put you on a weekly email distribution. Also, you can register using this Eventbrite link and you will receive the Zoom login credentials and instructions (*For security reasons, please do not forward the zoom link or password or post on social edia):  This credential also works for all of the global 24/7 prayer (see all 168 hours of 24/7 prayer schedule)

Join us in a global chorus of prayer each Monday at noon (EST); 7pm Jerusalem time. We will pray for 1 hour with people across the earth for God’s purposes in business, finance and investment – Yes, fullness of repentance and reformation is desperately needed!

1857 Fulton Street Prayer Rules

We have been praying Monday Noon downtown Westport CT for over 12 years! First inside the Vigilant Firehouse conference room tower, then outside on the public boardwalk of the Saugatuck River – rain or shine. Now, we move to Zoom online, but continue to pray for the same purposes, including a special prayer assignment for missionaries in the UAE.

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, all are welcome if you want to pass along this invitation. Note, this Monday time of prayer is in addition to our regularly scheduled Wed 8am (EST) New Breed of Business Zoom calls where the focus is on: round table discussions, interviews and teachings in addition to prayer (that’s a different Zoom meeting id).

In Jesus, Gregg

Gregg and Jeremiah NYC

A few good men (and women!)… People worthy of prayer:

Given November 1, 2020 at Glory of Zion, TX. Two days before the election.

November 11-14th
New Breed Gathering San Antonio

We are gathering in San Antonio this November 11 as a remnant united, repenting and standing in the gap for America’s four great sins that God judges every nation for in scripture : Forsaking God, Shedding of Innocent Blood, Sexual Immorality and Greed. We will also be moving into the new wineskin by teaching on the Lamb’s reformation, preparing the Bride for the coming wedding banquet, entering into into the Millennium, and establishing the Government of God on the earth.

Discussion: How could God use an alternative form of banking to help solve systemic poverty?

Problem: Today, banks are required by regulation, charter and profit motive to risk-adjust (extreme interest and fees) or deny lending to those who may be the most in need of help.

God said through Moses in Deuteronomy 15:7-8 “If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs.”

Solution: How might God desire to dissolve systemic poverty in the context of Christian community through an alternative banking structure? We exchange ideas along these lines. Benevolence as part of investment. Banking that considers and obeys the Word of God.

…there will be no poor among you, since the Lord will most certainly bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess, if only you will listen to and obey the voice of the Lord your God”

Deuteronomy 15:4-5

Conceptual model of investment structure:

Neither equity (ownership) or debt (loan), and without traditional recourse provisions. Instead with forgiveness provisions and with voluntary dividends that potentially better meets the biblical standard. We can use this as a discussion piece.

Conceptual model of banking:

Discussion: The “Transfer of Wealth”

Thanks to Merrick Finn last week for bringing this up and reminding me this week…

Back in 2007 in a lunch with Rick Joyner and Bob Jones at the Cracker Barrel somewhere in South Carolina, Bob mentioned to me that a “purpose” of like minded Spirit-led business people gathering together was: “To begin the transfer”.

I was like, what’s that? He went on to explain there is coming a transfer of wealth that will be part of the end-times harvest, as it is promised to God’s people in scripture. I was like oh…

Such scriptures are Proverbs 13:22: “The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous” or similar scriptures like Job 27:16-17.

Of course, I had heard many from the prosperity movement speak of these scriptures, but it never made sense to me as it was being presented as a “God wants you to get rich” scheme.

Here are some scriptural examples of wealth transfer (they are all different types):

  • Abraham receives gifts from Egyptian Pharaoh (Genesis 12)
  • Isaac receives divine increase in the land of the Philistines (Genesis 26)
  • Jacob receives divine increase while working for Laban (Genesis 31)
  • Jacob and his family provided for from Egypt through Joseph (Genesis 41)
  • Israelites plunder the Egyptians before the Exodus (Exodus 3)
  • Solomon received gold from Queen Sheba (1 Kings 10)
  • Remnant of Judah received favor and wealth from Cyrus to rebuild the Temple (Ezra 1)

As a result, here is a quote from page I recently added which was essentially a paraphrase of what Bob prophesied that day:

The New Breed are inspired business people, gathering together to get the inspiration of God as to how to begin the transfer. The transfer being the transfer of wealth (people and resources) from Babylon (the wicked) into the Kingdom (the righteous – Prov 13:22) related to the end-times harvest (1 billion souls). This inspiration comes from communion with God (Intimacy – Song of Solomon), understanding the knowledge of God (Col 1:10; Hosea 4:6), and receiving the wisdom of God (1 Cor 12:8; Isaiah 11).

We will discuss what God is saying and doing at this time to each of us. We will inspire each other as to how God has inspired us regarding “the transfer”.

Hybrid of Ministry and Business

Discussion: “Hybrid” of ministry and business together

  • Power from the “natural/earthly” realm + “supernatural/heavenly” realm…
  • Hybrid power – “electric power” – liken to heavenly / supernatural / angelic help, through prayer, fasting, faith
  • Drawing from God’s grace, favor, mercy unlocking resources and relationships here on earth.
  • Drawing from heavenly treasures/resources/body parts.
  • “combustion” engine – natural power in natural gifts, talents, work

Two example dreams I had related to this “heavenly help” of hybrid power:

Dream: Father with a heavenly spreadsheet, diligently tracking all my family’s needs. Set on my college campus.

Dream #2: Learning to fly, defying gravity, teaching others how to do the same, representing defying the “financial” laws of gravity.

J.J. shared with us his “lightning” diagram illustrating an analogy of the process of how lightning strikes with how God works with his people supernaturally.

Proper Positioning Leads To Powerful Promises

Discussion: How does the economy of the “Upside-down Kingdom” work?

Sub-subject: “Hybrid” of ministry and business together

Power from the “natural/earthly” realm + “supernatural/heavenly” realm…

Upside-down Kingdom

  • “The first shall be last and the last shall be first” – Matt. 20:16
  • “Give and it shall be given” – Matt 6:38
  • “Lend to your enemies and do not expect to be repaid” – Matt 6:35
  • “Don’t charge your brother interest” – Deut 23:19
  • “When you give to the needy, do not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing” Matt 6:3
  • “If anyone wants to sue you for your shirt, give them your cloak too” – Matt 5:40
  • “Do not lord it over them as the gentiles do. Whoever wants to be great among you, must be your servant” – Matt 20:25
  • “Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will save it” – Luke 9:24
  • “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” – Matt 25:35
  • “It is more blessed to give than receive” – Acts 20:35
  • “Treasurers in Heaven” Luke 12:33
  • “Since they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection” Luke 14:14
  • “No one who has left home and family for Me and the gospel, will fail to receive a hundred times as much in the present age” – Mark 10:33

Discussion: What’s Wrong with our Financial System?

As Christian business people in the United States, do we still need a revelation of what God is saying the problem is with our banking/financial system, and associated business practices?

While we can always take action during a time of crisis, what if doing so is premature without a REAL revelation of what the problem is in God’s sight?

Perhaps this is part of God’s purpose in our current “shut in” at home, to humble ourselves and ask Him, what must we do to be economically saved and restored?

Discussion: Economic, banking and financial market disruptions

  • Chuck Pierce “We have a golden calf in NY”
  • What’s wrong with the USA’s financial, banking and economic system today?
  • Is it time for a “new breed” of banking/financial system using biblical principles?
  • Unprecedented debt levels
  • Fed Reserves’ actions Sunday March 15th, 2020 unprecedented and what it portends for future failures and bank runs.
  • 0% bank reserve requirement (banks can lend with no vault cash – hides which banks are technically insolvent)
  • 0% fed funds rate
  • 0% discount window rate (hides which banks are technically insolvent)

While it’s expected to taper, the Fed is on pace to own 100% of US debt, public, private, real-estate backed, etc. inside 12-24 months at this rate of purchase

VIX (fear index) all time high of 82 next day, equity markets reach new lows

  • President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin recently stated: Small Business is the backbone of the American economy
  • Is it anymore? And what does the decline of small business mean for the future of the US economy?

Many large publicly traded companies got caught taking the PPP SBA loans (Shake Shack $10m, Ruth Chris $20m, Autonation $77m)