7-22-19 Faneuil Hall

On July 22, a remnant from across New England and America gathered to worship the Lord and hear God’s statesmen Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce speak at Faneuil Hall (“the womb of the Revolution”) in a type of “sons of liberty” revival presenting the state of the Church in America, America’s prophetic destiny, and America’s present peril. Key directives were given.

Chuck Pierce

  • Pilgrims covenanted with God 400 years ago
  • Recognize the oppression we are under in America as Covenant people
  • 400 years biblical parallel to time Israel enslaved in Egypt
  • The Church needs to understand its oppression and cry out to God
  • So that God will respond: “Let My People Go!”

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Word for America

1. Recognize the oppression you are under

  • 400 years since Mayflower Compact liken to 400 years Israel enslaved in Egypt
  • Not sure Church recognizes its oppression
  • God’s people need to cry out like Exodus 2, so that God can confirm Covenant and deliver His people
  • 400 years ago slavery entered the land
  • 350 years First nations people mistreatment
  • misuse of liberty for sin, self, etc.

2. Need to Cry out to God – Need to get louder

  • God has been preparing deliverers
  • Moses in preparation 40 years
  • Moses first tried to deliver his people in his own strength
  • 40 years later became God’s supernatural instrument of deliverance
  • But he wasn’t brought forth until the people’s cries were heard
  • Then God acknowledged His Covenant with them
  • Need to sound the trumpet like “Horton Hears a Who!”
  • Need to rally more people and make some noise

3. Deliverance – spiritual warfare required

  • “I’ve been working on [deliverers] preparing them to enter into this new move of God”
  • “I am going to call them afresh. Moses had to turn aside to the burning bush so God could move him in the next dimension”
  • “For 40 years I have have been putting deep down within them the cry for freedom”
  • God’s going to start rallying or He’s going to start separating
  • “Need to recognize that [the evil] in the heavens invaded earth and now carries the voice that controls this nation”
  • God is raising up 12 region mobilization like Moses had Israel go out of Egypt in 12 armies
  • “You must be willing to gather together”
  • America needs to rally with a different spirit
  • “Let My People Go!”
  • Like here in Faneuil Hall 240 years ago
  • God will start remolding his covenant with this nation

We are in a battle over liberty

  • 1 Corinthians 8 – Where Paul is dealing with liberty
  • Last 150 years that voice of liberty has gotten twisted
  • Women’s rights and abortion; liberty of a doctor to abort a child
  • We are in a crisis to restore the true voice of liberty
  • If we don’t have a realignment of the true voice of liberty in this nation, it will be disastrous to generations to come
Liberty and Union Now and Forever

USA government like China’s by 2026?

  • God showed Chuck in 1986 that in 2020 America’s freedom is threatened
  • This is in his books: Future War of the Church; Time to Triumph
  • If American cannot keep shifting, America’s government will end up looking like China’s
  • Don’t be under delusion – this will happen if we don’t awaken
  • There has been a recovery of some semblance of a voice of freedom over these past few years
  • That came not because it was political, but because it was Covenant
  • Because God realigned us with Israel
  • Now, get past the political dynamic
  • We are on the right path of Covenant and the Word of God
  • This will keep us on course with Covenant over the next year

Word for New England

God is looking at New England.

This gathering initiates something toward new England. We have to stay very focused here through September 2020. We have to strain every nerve to press through. That’s what unity looks like, you have to strain every nerve to tolerate some people.

I am here to announce, through September 2020, the eye of God will not be taken off of New England…

[29:35] And finally, I believe this is very specific for New England. Very specific. And its the parable of the 10 virgins.

And the Lord says to New England, I am going to redistribute oil back to you. State by state by state by state by state. I’m going to redistribute all back to you. And I’m going to see – in a matter of fact, I’m saying this to the whole 13 colonies. I’m going to redistribute oil back to. And I’m going to see which states awaken through September.

So, that awakening sound. The movement from state to state. Who will stay awake?

Word for Massachusetts


Massachusetts of course is … some way the cradle of liberty has become one of the most twisted voices of truth. And we are here to decree – not to brow beat Massachusetts; not to speak against the people from Massachusetts. But to say somewhere – you have got to be set free! To come into a reality of what God is calling.

I want to leave you with three scriptures … passages that God brought me to. To bring to you up here [in Massachusetts].

Number one is in 2 Kings where they set up three watches – chapter 11. Where they set up 3 watches, because they realized, that which could restore covenant was not in authority to restore it. That it had been removed. see, one of the promises of God was that someone from David’s throne would … some one from David’s branch would always be on the throne. First time [in Israel] that had been removed. Therefor they had to get a strategy to get that back in place. So someway or another, we have to continue to get strategies to get the voice of covenant. And the representative of covenant back in place.

And remember what they did? They went and found Joash. Who was the same thing, who had been hid out for 7 years, who hid out as she killed in every city. Athaliah was so evil she killed her own kids.

And they found him and they set up three watches till they could get him seated. Now, hear what I’m saying. There’s something strategic God is calling us to, to restore the throne of covenant in this land. That’s the first thing. And I know He can do it. I know the Lord has godly enough priests that we can hear what to do in this land, to keep getting this back in place. That the first one.

The second this is Josiah. And now with him, even though he was young. When he came out, he did something differently. He said, let’s pull out what established the covenant. And so, remember, the priest read the book of the law out loud. Well when Josiah hear it he said: you know, we are going back to that. And you know what? The women… this year women make their shift in the movement. The woman the prophetess led during the whole movement to bring this thing back into place. And before long Josiah had reestablished a covenant moment, back in America [Israel]. He just made a mistake by aligning wrong in war. And so it tells us we have lots of things to keep focused in, in our prayer life…

[31:18] And Massachusetts, you are going to have determine to wake up. Because you are really in some dangerous sleep. And shutting your eyes to some things. That could cause you to be like Lazarus but, I’m not sure you can be resurrected. Massachusetts is at a very very critical place.

Word for Connecticut

“Connecticut has the strongest root [God] is trying to recover in New England.

Even though Connecticut probably doesn’t yet realize that their root is so strong, if they would come alive and stay together in that state and worship for the year ahead, the root would come alive and produce in a whole new way.”

You have Thomas Hooker and all those things in the history of our land.

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Dutch Sheets

  • Faneuil is a derivative of the Hebrew word Penuel
  • That is where God wrestled the fallen nature out of Jacob and he became Israel
  • God can use any flawed person and shape them into his instrument
  • Like Abraham, Issac and Jacob – deceivers, liars, adulterers
  • God tucked his dream inside Jacob’s dream
  • Jacob at Bethel said “I’ll serve you God if you make me wealthy”
  • 20 years later at Penuel he was transformed into Israel so God could get his dream back
  • God tucked his covenant dream inside the founding fathers’ dream for America that met right here in Faneuil Hall
  • But the American dream became distorted, twisted
  • We took our liberty and added licence to do whatever we wanted that would benefit ourselves
  • Yes, God has blessed America; Yes, God has strengthened America – but if that’s all we want, we have missed God’s dream
  • But God has not given up on His dream
  • God has not given up on America
  • He is going to get His dream back because of Covenant

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Dutch and Jon Hamill prayer

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Jon and Jolene Hamill

Jon Hamill background on “The Turnaround”

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“Restore the Continental Congress” Word

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Jolene Hamill Word

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