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This fall, over the weekend of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) from September 29th – October 2nd, Christians from all over New England will gather on the historic D.L. Moody campus expecting the Glory of God to fall on Northfield, Massachusetts. Set in the rolling hills of the Connecticut River valley bordering Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we will culminate the 10 Days of Prayer in a gathering of the New England Church by the New England Church called Restore and Revive. This will be a convocation on the historic D.L. Moody Campus in partnership with the The Moody Center.

We believe God’s Spirit is bringing together this set of meetings which will not only honor D. L. Moody’s legacy, but also open a way for a new work in New England and beyond. The weekend’s activities will focus on the themes of revival and awakening, unity in the Spirit, missions and evangelism, and Moody’s legacy. There will be workshops, historic tours, worship tent, ministry teams, dream interpretation, meals together, unity gatherings. Please see the schedule for the richness of all of what is going on.

We’d love to have your partnership in this gathering! If you are a pastor or ministry leader and want to formally partner with us, let us know. Opportunities for participation include planning, promotions, volunteers, financial giving, presenting, leading a workshop, and more.Please contact Tom Savastano at for more information or to add your contact information to our e-mail list.


Cost: $25/Day or $50/Whole Conference.

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Conference Schedule:

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Recently (June 15-18, 2017) Glory of Zion held their “Kingdom of God Advancing” conference. Dutch Sheets was one of the featured speakers and brought a word: Transition to Governing. As part of that word, Chuck Pierce called for a 15 day (which became 21 day) shouting God’s GRACE:

This is a season for TRIPLE GRACE … GRACE, GRACE, GRACE! This is the time for MEGA GRACE, MEGA HEALING, MEGA DELIVERANCE, and MEGA BREAKTHROUGH! This is a time for the GRACE of GOD to be released over:

your mind,

your home,

your ministry,

and over generational weaknesses, infirmities, and iniquities!

What the enemy has had in you and in your family line for generations will be broken by the explosion of grace that’s coming to you! This is your season of breakthrough!

Here is a 21-Day Prayer Focus for you to Shout GRACE and Receive FAVOR!


Day 1: Read Romans 6! Grace is kindness and goodness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives and in spite of what is deserved.

Day 2: Read Exodus 34! Grace is one of the key attributes of God. The Lord God is “merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth.”

Day 3: Read Psalm 23! Grace is the source of help and brings deliverance from distress.

Day 4: Meditate on Deut. 9:5-6! The Hebrew people from Egypt were redeemed and then established in the Promised Land in spite of their unrighteousness.

Day 5: Read Psalms 4:1, 6:2, 25:15! Receive the gracious assistance from the LORD!

Day 6: Read and meditate on Psalm 31:9, 86:3, 86:16, 123:3! Receive more assistance!

Day 7: Meditate on Amos 5:15! Grace is only enjoyed within the COVENANT. The gift is given by God, and the gift is received by man, through repentance and faith.

Day 8: Ponder Malachi 1:9 and read Malachi 3 – 4! Grace is to be humbly sought through the prayer of faith.

Day 9: Read John 1, Acts 1! The grace of God was supremely revealed and given in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He was the embodiment of grace. Embracing Him is the only way mankind can receive salvation.

Day 10: Read Romans 3, especially verses 23-26! Grace is restoration of the broken fellowship between God and His people — both Jew and Gentile.

Day 11: Read Ephesian 2! Grace can be yours through SALVATION!

Day 12: Read Ephesians 4! Meditate on Hebrews 10:29! Grace is applied by the HOLY SPIRIT, who is called “the Spirit of grace.” The Spirit of God is the One who binds Christ to His people so that they receive forgiveness, adoption to sonship, and newness of life, as well as every spiritual gift of grace.

Day 13: Read Acts 4, especially verse 33! Receive great grace. Great grace was upon the Early Church. They saw great miracles. The Greek word for “great” is ‘megas’, from which we derive the English word “mega.” They saw great signs, great wonders, great miracles … mega miracles! Why did they see mega miracles? Because they had mega grace!!!!!


Day 14: Read Isaiah 60! Grace and FAVOR are a necessary handshake for triumph! Favor is where someone shines their eye on you and you begin to SHINE!

Day 15: Read 2 Kings 4:1-6! Favor is received through an act of obedience!

Day 16: Read 2 Kings 8:1-6! Favor is extended to you from another source!

Day 17: Read Ruth 2! Think of a time when favor was extended to you. Praise God for it!

Day 18: Read 1 Kings 12:1-16 and Esther 6. Think of someone you need to honor. Call or write that person to honor them. Honor must be reciprocated to maintain favor

Day 19: Read Matthew 9! Favor comes from those who have authority to release favor.

Day 20: Read Judges 1:12-15 and 2 Samuel 9! Favor can be released by you!

Day 21: Read Zechariah 3 and 4. Decree that the Lord is reclothing you with a new identity. Shout grace to the mountains that stopped you from advancing in the last season. Shout grace seven times!

Dutch Sheets

June 18th, 2017

This past Sunday, as part of the Kingdom of God Advancing conference held at Glory of Zion in Corinth Texas, Dutch Sheets shared a word about the Church moving from a transition season (11) into a season of divine government (12), and the abundant grace God has made ready to accomplish it. Chuck Pierce then called for 15 days of Prayer between today June 19th and July 4th, to declare God’s Grace 3 times a day (morning, noon, night) in order to enter in. Below find paraphrased notes. At the bottom is the video:

Biblical meaning of 11 and 12:

11 = transition (John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus)

12 = divine government (12 Apostles, 12 tribes)

Its time for we (The Church – The Ekklesia) to move from a place of transition (11) to a place of governance (12).

  • John the Baptist -> Jesus
  • Desert (Testing, Preparation) -> Promise Land (Promises)
  • Prophetic understanding -> Apostolic building
  • 11th hour to the midnight hour (Matt 25:6)
  • Move into a season where breakthrough will come more quickly
  • Will encounter more adversity, but it will be easier to win
  • More warfare, but from level “12” it will be easier
  • Warring from place of rest
  • Not striving
  • Not wearying in warfare
  • Close and open doors (keys of Isaiah 22:22)
  • Bind and loose (keys of Matt 16:19)
  • Something is going to shift in your thinking
  • Caleb anointing – I’ll take that mountain

Focus is on Him. Don’t question the bible.

You are not at the mercy of demons. You are not at the mercy of circumstances that have harassed you.

Meaning of 333

Jeremiah 33:3 says

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.

Strongs Hebrew# 1219 is “mighty things” or a well fortified defense (hedge). Also related to #1220, which means “gold and precious things”, or mining well protected gold and silver (precious things). Hidden truth or revelation. This means the Lord wants to release fresh revelation, new provision, and harvest. Hidden gold you can mine can mean practical strategies to make money.

Some of you will be debt free within the year.

Some of you will see divine turn around from bankruptcy to abundance and it will be a sign and a wonder to those who know you.

Meaning of 555

Benjamin’s 5 fold portion in Gen 43:34

  • Triple grace
  • Season of grace
  • Multiple grace
  • Mega-grace
  • Three fold cord of grace
  • Bowls of grace poured out

Don’t give up these last 15 minutes, you are about to crack the new day.

  • Bind the devourer
  • Mercy will triumph over failure / your past
  • Your mercy is new every morning
  • Grace breakthrough
  • Covenantal favor
  • Breakthrough

Step into the new season now. You are not at the mercy of demons who have harassed you or confined you to the past season.

Jack and The Beanstalk. Unlocking some treasures in your life that have been locked up.

Don’t back out of this.

15 Days of Grace

Chuck Pierce 15 day prayer focus:

Three times a day you shout ‘Grace’ for 15 Days. I commission you into a super-abundant grace. You will shout it for the next 3 weeks until we tip over into grace. There is a bowl of grace that is going to pour out on us. 15 days is July 4th. Say, ‘grace is pressing me into freedom’. You are coming into a new order of grace.




Dutch Sheets is an internationally recognized author, gifted teacher, and conference speaker. He travels extensively, challenging believers for passionate prayer and societal reformation. Seeing America experience a sweeping revival and return to its Godly heritage is Dutch’s greatest passion. He is a messenger of hope for America, encouraging believers to contend for awakening. Dutch has written over 23 books, many of which have been translated into over 30 languages. His international bestseller, Intercessory Prayer, has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Dutch’s newest book, The Way Back, was released in November 2016. Dutch has pastored, taught in several colleges and seminaries, and served on the board of directors of numerous organizations. He is fondly known to many as Papa Dutch. Treasuring time spent with their family and grandchildren. Dutch and Ceci, his wife of 39 years, enjoy quiet walks in the woods, reading, and playing a little golf. They reside at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Dr. Roberto Miranda

How To Be The Church In A Trumpian World

Recently, church and ministry leaders across New England gathered at the New England Alliance meeting at Lion of Judah church in Boston to worship together, hear what the Lord is saying, build relationship, and give testimony. Here is a PrayTV video report of that gathering:

As part, Dr. Roberto Miranda gave a “state of the union” styled message pastorally for the benefit of the Church. He articulated his sense of what the Lord and his Bride are doing in the context of the emerging nationalism happening across the world today, geopolitically and socioeconomically, post Brexit, the US elections, post cold-war Russia, saber rattling North Korea and Iran, and an ambitious China. Listen to this statesman’s balanced wisdom on the times we, God’s people are in and his take on the Church’s stance in the midst of a “Trumpian” world.

Notes and Highlights

Mikhail Gorbachev: “It looks as though the world is preparing for war.”

All across the world alpha males are sprouting up and marking their territory. Grabbing and demarcating land. The US, Russia, Israel, China, North Korea, Iran. The rising of populists movements. The conflict and division of world view. I personally see China as a great threat to the peace of the world.

Today we have a confluence of 2 vectors: the Church and secular powers. Biblically analogous to Joseph/Israel to Pharaoh/Egypt. Joseph was given prophetic dreams which took years to be realized. At the same time, another vector was Pharaoh in Egypt. These things were coalescing to bring about what God had in mind. They came together: secular authority – Pharaoh in extreme confusion and lack of clarity of what to do – which coincided with Joseph’s own maturing process when he was ready to provide Pharaoh with both revelation and strategic administrative wisdom. Joseph’s person is a type of the Church. The world is coming to such a point of confusion and impotence – it is incapacitated as to what to do. The Church needs to prepare itself like Joseph.

The Lord led me to Hebrews 12. The shaking spoken of in Hebrews 12:26 applies today. These shakings of all the world’s foundations are increasing in intensity and frequency, like a woman’s contractions in labor. The world’s economic and political machinery is unsustainably strained and heading toward a breaking point.

But this election has created a window. Breathing room to be the Church. A measure of relief. We need to boldly preach the gospel and advance the Kingdom while this window is open. Strengthen our ministries. Sanctifying ourselves. Hear from the Spirit. But my sense is the window will close at some point.

The election of President Trump can be both good and bad. It is good in that we are turning back this sickness or spell that has been over our country of political correctness, calling evil good and good evil. I thank God for that. The Supreme court nominations. But its bad if we fall into the trap of extreme nationalism, self-centeredness, focus purely on profit, neglect diplomacy and the dignity of the office of President, or do not have mercy on the poor and downtrodden.

Resist the temptation to treat Trump as a messianic figure.

Donald Trump may well be a Cyrus to the Church, but let’s not forget that God used Cyrus – He used Nebuchadnezzar, but He also judged them too. Like Pharaoh with Joseph, their purpose was to preserve the gospel and a nation of God’s people which would have eternal impact on the earth for the benefit of mankind into all eternity. God’s relationship with these worldly leaders was very complex. Our outlook also needs to be complex as well. We need to read the Old Testament.

We need to maintain a cautious optimistic in a careful way. I have observed some evangelicals who are wildly enthusiastic with unblemished optimism in this incoming Administration. I am not one of them. We need to be careful and measured. The Church is a government. The Church is a sacred thing. We cannot just throw our lot into “one pot”. We are a powerful Kingdom. A dignified Kingdom with gravitas. Its not to be given away. This is not a time for wild optimism. Resist triumphalism. We need to be careful not to mix the Kingdom with tribe, race or even nation.

We do need to approve what is good and disapprove what is unjust.

Need to recognize that their are competing world views out there with their own alternative set of facts. This is why the checks and balances of the US are good. For example the courts blocking the President’s executive order is not to be vilified or viewed cynically – its a good thing (to prevent the trampling of legitimate immigrants – to have mercy).

Many of the values we observe: extreme nationalism and unchecked freedom in the financial sector – a lack of mercy toward the poor or immigrants. These are not of Christ. However, a Nation does need to defend its borders. This is right. But the immigration issue is complex.

We need to see things – where is compassion? where is mercy? where is the heart of Christ in this? But we also need to say: Where is the heart of Elijah? Because these are times of Elijah. A lion’s roar and the lamb. Christ in our times is like the Lion of Judah – like Aslan, he’s good, but he’s not safe. Fighting demonic powers.

We need to see things from both sides. We need to put ourselves in other peoples shoes. I just saw a documentary on Bonhoeffer. Bishops and Cardinals giving the salute to Hitler. These images can never be erased. I am not making that direct comparison completely, but we need to see things from both perspectives.

On Corporations:

Why did the great recession happen? A lot of these corporate instincts of: more money, more profit, use of the law to its extreme, put the machinery of the law to “Red Hot”, and force every penny through it, and manipulate people. I have become an extremist regarding corporations these days. Even though I am as capitalist – or I guess as conservative – a person you can meet. Because I do see, just the fierce selfishness in many of these corporations – and they include the ones that have a progressive image, whether its Starbucks or Google or Microsoft. They are in the same business of monopolizing, and getting every penny of profit out of us. Do not let yourself be misled by these progressive images of many of these corporations. They are all devilish in their appetites. Whether its Exxon or Starbucks. They all bow before the same god of untrammeled ambition and materialism.”

In this dangerous time, the Church should not chain itself to any one person or ideology. Our attitude toward this administration (from both sides) should be liken to the wisdom of Gamaliel in Acts 5:

I advise you, leave these men alone. Let them go. For if their purpose and activity are of human origin, they will fail, but if it is from God, the you will not be able to stop these men. You will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

Dr. Roberto Miranda Bio



Derek Prince

Choose Life

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. Psalm 118:17

It is so important that we have a positive attitude towards life – that we are not negative, that we are not pessimistic, that we are not death oriented. I have discovered in many people’s lives that one of the most crucial mistakes that a person can make is to say something like this, “I wish I were dead.”

You know, a death wish opens the way for all sorts of dark and negative forces to come swarming into your mind and to begin to take you over, and what began as an idle wish can end as a tragic happening.

In the words of Moses to the children of Israel: “Behold, I set before you this day life and blessing, death and cursing, therefore choose life that you and your descendants may live.” Do you realize that life requires a choice? We cannot submit to circumstances in passive indifference and say, “What comes will come.” God says: “I’ve set a choice before you. On the one hand, life and blessing. On the other hand, death and cursing.”

When God sets a choice before us, we have to make that choice. To make no choice is to choose – and choose wrong. So choose life, so that you and your descendants may live.

Listen to Derek Prince on Audio …