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May 16, 2016

[Prophetic word] “I am going to REDEFINE the flow of supply lines! I will form NEW rivers and cause what has been to INTERSECT so a new flow will begin!” Watch this important summary from Sunday, May 15:

“What woke me up at four o’clock this morning was a dream I had. And in the dream I was caught up above three nations: China, Europe and America.

Now caught up is rapt – rapture. That just means you’re being filled with the Spirit and you’re being brought up to a place where you can see better. And in the midst of that, God showed me the rivers of each one of those lands. And I had to say what each river – the name of each river. And especially in America – and I want to say this to us as we move forward – what he would show me was the intersection of rivers. And I would have to know the name of the rivers that were intersecting because at that place He redefined how the earth and the source of trade would go forth after that.

And so, I felt when I woke up the Lord was saying to these three continents: I am going to redefine the flow of the supply lines of these three nations beginning now. And I say to you, I will form new rivers. And I will cause what has been to intersect, so a new flow will begin. I say to you in the Spirit, I am going to intersect moves from the past season so that a new move begins. So this will be a defining week for you, watch how the waters flow throughout the earth. For this will be a defining week of redefining the way that the flow of My Spirit will go and the definition of supply will come…

“I could see the flow, the rhythm of the water, what it was doing, the changes that were to come. Now hear what is being said today: Big changes ahead in the movement of the earth. Get ready and just stay moving in the rhythm of what is going on in the earth realm.”

In addition to the vitally important dream and prophetic words from yesterday, Lane McShannon also had an important dream which is summarized here:

“I had a dream Sunday morning – I was trying to pitch a tent with some other people and the ground was wet. In one place there was muddy water. The ground was uneven and we were looking for a place where the ground was solid and we would be safe and not be swept away by the flooding water or high water. Then I woke up.”

Chuck D. Pierce