Chuck Pierce, Dr. Paul Jehle and Dr. Roberto Miranda

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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2018 – March 16-17

During Restore and Revive on the DL Moody Campus last October, God visited us in a powerful way on the night Chuck Pierce ministered. Chuck returned to Boston for “The Turnaround” 22 city tour with Dutch Sheets in December. At that time, we sensed God leading us to invite Chuck once again for mini-conference in Boston to declare into what God has already begun to do in the New England region. This event marks a half-way point between the 2017 and 2018 Restore and Revive gatherings in Northfield. There is no registration required for this gathering. Hotel discounts are available. For details visit:

5778 GOZ Gates

Here is an excerpt by Chuck Pierce from the December 17th Boston gathering (22 city tour Chuck and Dutch Sheets) :

“Here we are in Boston, the 21st city of this tour and God is saying: ‘I’m ready to start bringing down the principalities that’s been holding back the next move of God.’

And most importantly, in Massachusetts, where He is saying: ‘I’m ready to remove the constricting band that’s been on my covenant plan of this Nation.’ I believe that’s why we’re here.

Now with this, I see a whole NEW BREED rising up. A breed that’s ready to go through this gate. I see three generations aligning and this call to see change occur.

We’re moving from a church mentality – which is a mentality of building – into a Kingdom mentality, which is a mentality of unlocking. And so we want to see an unlocking occur like we’ve never seen before.

So let me summarize the year for us: This year is linked with: gates, doors, angels and war. It’s also linked in with a wealth dimension we have not known. That’s another reason we’re here in Boston. When you know the history of this city, you know that it was one of the cities that determined the wealth factor of all of America. I believe we are here to say: Lord we want to see the generous power that You’ve put within Your people. Through Holy Spirit. Get unlocked so that the enemy flees. The enemy will flee through our generosity this year. So this becomes a very important time for us.

This year is about the power of the first.”