Roundtable Discussion: How should the Church respond to CBDCs?

(Currency Wars Part 2)

Race to CBDCs

China was the first CBDC. It is called e-CNY and was launched during the recent Olympics:

Reuter’s article on e-CNY. China was also the first to pioneer a “social credit” system and score, which provides a framework for government financial control over citizens.

The Bank of England is also looking to implement their CBDC. They (BOE) have not been shy of their (UK government’s) intentions to turn people’s currency on and off based on social policy.

Read this article: 6.21.2021 Telegraph article BOE Digital Currency

Watch these 3 video clips from Joe Rogan’s interview of Maajid Nawaz

U.S. Roadmap to Digital Currency

There are proposals on the table that would not only create a digital dollar, but also create individual accounts with the Federal Reserve. This is a new level of dependency on the Federal Reserve bank and its computer systems. This also would disintermediate many functions of local banks, credit unions, coop banks, and thrifts.

Federal Reserve: Money and Payments: The U.S.Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation (January 2022)

[We first discussed the Fed studying digital dollars back in 2020 as part of the Crypto Currency discussion]

Treasury: Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets (March 10th)

Digital BerkShares Launch

3.21.22 BerkShares Digital Launch on YouTube

You can try the app below and get 10 free BerkShares if you register…

iPhone App

Google Android App

The Storehouse Imperative

A Fishes and Loaves Network

All of this points to the “new world” which we are financially and technically entering into. With “Babylon” imposing more and more sanctions and controls, and with more conflict coming on the earth, coupled with more scarcity and inflation – we The Church need wisdom and Godly solutions. Both to sustain us, and to provide refuge in a storm to those who do not yet believe. We find the answers in the bible, and as reflected in the new wineskin of the Storehouse vision and the New Breed approach of heavenly supply lines.