Chuck Pierce

Saturday evening, June 9, 2012
Wellspring Church, Berlin, CT

Connecticut to Awaken the Root of this Nation

And I would say to you watch for I have come on your calling and beckoning this night. And I will open up an unusual path from Connecticut that will awaken the New England states that have fallen asleep. I say to you I’ve been waiting for this alignment this night so that I could awaken and restore and cause a root that had fallen asleep and been corrupted to come alive again. So I say to you I will come through Connecticut and with my thundering feet I will open up an unusual path. I say watch as the heavens come down and create a path throughout the state that opens up eight ways from this state. And I say to you this night you have created rumbling in the heavens, now watch as I run through this state and create the path that will awaken the root of this nation saith the Lord.

Now let the shout rise up in you.

CT to Regulate the Nation

And I say to you tonight the war of regulation for this entire nation now stirs within Connecticut. And I say there will be legal wars to set the course of a nation that has gotten off course. I say I have chosen you from the foundation of this nation to regulate this nation. I say now go to war in worship and this nation will be regulated under my watch care saith the Lord.

Regulation Example (Rick McKinniss)

We just heard the prophetic word that the Lord’s released authority to us to regulate and we need to break a regulation. And you know when the health and human services mandated this contraception, forced it upon the Roman Catholic churches and institutions, it was it was a direct assault upon all of our religious liberties, and shortly thereafter I had a – I can’t say it was a dream it was just – the Lord encountered me in the night, and what he said to me was – I’ve only had an encounter like this on one other occasion. It was a very direct encounter and what he said to me was if this nation trades its religious liberty for so called contraceptive rights, it’s like Esau selling his birthright. So would you like to break a regulation and do a little regulating? See we’ve just song there’s power in the name of Jesus to break every chain; there’s more authority in this room…

Now Father we come before you. Father we pray for our government. We pray for our present administration. We lift up President Obama to you. We lift up Secretary Sebelius. Father we ask you to bless them. We ask you to bless their families. But Father we say now in the name of Jesus, let this unholy regulation be broken! Father let this yoke be broken! And Father we declare that we will be like Jacob in honor of that which is honorable we will not despise our birthright. And Father we wanna regulate in the name of the Lord that this thing will not stand, in Jesus name.

Revival State & Double Portion

…Connecticut is a revival state. The Spirit of God will come in Connecticut… In double portion Connecticut will experience a move of God… the State of Connecticut will have a double portion of the move of God.

…let me show you a few things tonight because I do want to leave something with you tonight that I feel like is very important in the move of God now that is stirring in Connecticut. First of all we have to understand that we’re in a new season. Everyone say new season. In this new season we’re developing a new identity for our future. Now I do want to explain to you, I’m not sure when God gives a prophetic word I see it like a sentence. It comes down from Heaven. There’s been times where the Lord has caught me up into the Heavenly realms and said you come back and you say exactly what I just showed you. Don’t add to it, don’t try to explain it and don’t try to think about it…

So, so when I saw that sentence come down about regulation, now Rick I – I – I – it’s really clear. It was as if Connecticut has the authority to regulate the future of the legal structure of federal – that will produce a federal rearrangement. Now I don’t know why Connecticut has all that authority. I don’t know why God said it tonight, but I know this; you are coming into a new authority that will help set the course for the future of this nation. You need to receive that authority tonight. Now look around here because there’s enough power in this room to blow this nation into its right order. And I think we have gone way beyond political issues. I think we are now moving into a kingdom dimension we have never been in in the body of Christ and God is giving us great authority to speak a thing then watch it happen. And I want to say to you, I believe you have great authority to help re-regulate the law structure of the federal government here.

Covenant States with Fiery Hot Apostolic Hubs

Now with that let’s look at something. We’re coming into a new identity. Now in this identity … the Lord caught me up and showed me our nation. There were only 23 states in our nation aligned with him. I think we don’t look at our nation right. I don’t think we look at our nation the way it is in reality and in that vision he showed…which states were aligned with him, he showed me a remnant in every state, a glory remnant in every state; He called it the triumphant reserve. And He then showed me in each state where His hub centers for the glory move of God in the future were…

And in the midst of it – these were apostolic hubs that had proper alignment and they were so fiery hot that when this triumphant reserve would hit one of these hubs the triumphant reserve would go in one way in a meeting like this and come out seven times brighter. We were so bright and so hot that the enemy would have a hard time handling us. And so not every state had these apostolic hubs; not every state was in covenant… I’ve shown what God showed me about Connecticut here before because He showed me in detail every state.

Now I don’t know why God did that. I’m just available to Him to do that. And uh, in the midst of it we have watched things play out one by one by one in this nation; state by state by state. And Connecticut was very aligned with – covenantally with the Lord and aligned in its root structure with Israel. And God began to give me a whole new paradigm of how to pray and mobilize our nation in prayer.

Begins 2012

He then showed me that it would be 2012 that we would begin. This was on May 31st… 2008. He showed me in 2012 we would enter in to the new administration of coming together in what He longed to do to reorder the course of His covenant plan in this nation. Now he didn’t just show me this nation, He went ahead and showed me 153 nations that would be in alignment with Israel in days ahead. So it became a part of a prophetic scenario that the Lord had been revealing to me since – started in 1983, increased in 1986 and it has continued on.

Now what I want to say to you is a triumphant reserve is forming and it has a one new man capacity about it so it’s looking more like a more full picture of what we read about in the book of Ephesians; where you have Jew and Gentile coming together and moving forward into a new administration. Now 12 is linked with new administration, therefore we have entered into the season of new administration. Now from a Hebraic standpoint uh we also want to look at what this season looks like. You just saw the number 70 come done in Hebrew, then you see the number two. Well when you put those two numbers together just like we look at 12 and we understand what 12 means you get a better picture because 70 is linked with a completion. It’s linked with a captivity breaking. It’s linked with a captivity that has held back our testimony. And God says we are now in a season that the captivities that have held back the testimony of my people; my Kingdom people, those captivities I am ready for my people to rise up and come out of the captivity and break into freedom.

Wells, Water, Oasis, Wilderness

Now two has several meanings about it the first meaning and of course let me show you 70 again. 70 this whole season is linked with new vision. It’s linked with a watchman anointing. It’s linked with breaking new ground and digging wells. Now to be here at Wellspring, say we’re at a good place for the water to come on up a new level. And so again I felt it was very important even the place we end up being.

And so this whole season we’re watching for water that’s been held underneath of the land structure where the glory needs to come on. We’re watching for the water of the Lord to rise up. We’re watching for it in us as well. We’re watching for a new baptism. I remember coming up here in the 80s ‘cause there was a move of God going on and there was a church in Windsor that was a part of that move of God and they paid a price for the move of God here in this area to continue. You’re a product of that. But see now we’re coming into a new administration and all of the sudden all of us in this room and Connecticut have stepped in and have said we’re ready for the water to rise.

Now notice this. Two is linked with the concept of an oasis. See our covenant root, our belief system, is linked back into Abraham the Hebrew. Through the Lord Jesus Christ, He opened up a way for us to gain access to the Father so that we could be grafted back in to all the blessings that God made covenant and gave Abraham. Now in the midst of this, we – many of us have been going through wilderness transitions. This year’s different. The Lord said, “Don’t worry about the wilderness you’re in because I already have the oasis for you to step into”.

That’s why meetings like tonight are so important because we come here and in the midst of it we fill a refreshing power that’s pulsating through us to empower us for the future. But I do want to say this year the refreshing move of God for the next year and a half is brewing in certain places. Get ready find those places and be refreshed.

2 = House; Whitehouse

Now two is known as, in Hebrew also as the house. So what God is doing this year is bringing us back to the house and He’s creating a new administration. When I say – that doesn’t mean He’s getting rid of the present leadership but He’s bringing us into a new way of doing things.

This is probably the first time we’ve done this on Saturday night up here, in a good while. And so all of the sudden when we come together like this, the Spirit of God begins to move with us in a new way; because the house takes a shift this year, your house takes a shift. See you’re known as the temple, you’re known as the house. Not only will His house take a shift, but your house.

Now, America has tapped in to God’s covenant plan. You know why, because it was dedicated as a covenant nation. So its coincidence this year is the year of the White House shifting. So how God’s people allow Him to shift our house is how the house that rules us civilly will begin to shift, see.

So we have to pray accordingly as we move forward. One of the key words linked with Beit – which is number two – is Bethel. There’s a returning to just like me coming back to New England, there is a returning to the place where God opened up a portal and started meeting His people.

I think Linda you’re here, you’re going to have a meeting over at Plymouth. That, meetings like that become very important with us aligning our voice with the plan of God. Now let’s look at this. So with that in this year of the house we got to pierce through the conformity that we’ve been held captive in. We’ve got to allow the Lord to great new models of our gathering. See church is interesting. Church means fellowship but it also means stratologia (?) warring, a warring gathering.

And I think right now we’re moving into a kingdom dynamic where our fellowship, we’re coming together fellowshipping but we’re leaving with warfare strategies. And in the midst of that we go to war with our prophetic word. That’s what the book of Timothy says and new models are arising.

Faith linked with Time and Space

Now something else we have to understand, faith is linked with time and with space. The place God calls us to is important. The timing that He calls us to that place becomes very important. That’s what Acts 17 is all about. He predetermines the time and the boundaries of your being.

So in other words when you heard God tell you to come here He drew you here and it says because at that moment when you’re at the right place at the right time, He becomes very near to you. And the word actually means pro-horizon. At the moment you can see beyond where you could see before you got here. Because He comes down, He gives us new revelation, he enters in. See He’s not in time and He created time and He created space. He is time. But He enters in and aligns Heaven and the will of Heaven, this is the Lord’s prayer with what is going on in the Earth and all of the sudden we leave here marching and moving in a whole different dynamic.

Be Ready to Cross Over Into Your Promise

Now let’s look at this. Now, so what are we looking for as we move forward what are the keys to gain access here in Connecticut to the season that’s ahead of us. Now first of all I want to say this, you’ve got to be ready to cross over into your promise. You can’t lean on your own understanding. You can’t keep saying in four months the harvest will be ready. You see Jesus said that. You have to know God has a time where He says, now. Now is how you are supposed to move forward.

Now let’s look at a moment, you don’t have to turn there but I’ll just use this as an example. I want to give you three examples; one in Old Testament history, one from the prophets and one in new covenant history of what God wants us to do and then I want to activate us to leave this meeting and move into a whole new dimension in this area.

Now let’s take the book of Joshua. God had been waiting for 470 years for this people for this people to move forward. He had outlined their promise. He had set the boundaries for their promise but they’d never stepped into it. He got one group going and they actually got into the promise but saw the warfare over the promise and then slandered the promise. And so you know what he did? He made them wait another 40 years.

Now I want to say this to you. God can out wait you. Some of you think you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. He doesn’t have a problem out waiting you until we are ready to move forward into what He wants us to move forward into. And so finally, everybody say finally, see there comes a moment where He says, “Let’s try it again. I have a covenant with you I have trying to do this over and over in Connecticut, let’s try it again”.

You don’t want to leave this meeting tonight and say okay now six months from now let’s come back together and let’s try to worship again and get going. That’s not what this meeting’s about. This Saturday night is about: I’ve mustered the triumphant reserve in Connecticut together. I’ve drawn them together. I’m ready to do it again. Tell somebody He’s ready to do it again. And let me say this about the Lord. He’ll use whatever he’s got to use. Look at somebody next to you and say: you’re all He’s got – let’s go!   I mean there comes a time when He doesn’t wait for everybody to come on board. There comes a time He doesn’t wait for every pastor to line up. There comes a time where He doesn’t wait for the government officials to do it His way. He just says I’m ready to go. You know what that’s what makes Him God. Sometimes I think we think we’re God. Look at somebody and say I’m so glad you’re not.

Now, in looking in the book of Joshua here’s five key points for us to move forward. First of all, there’s a time in your life where the Lord starts directing your pathway and you really don’t know where you’re going. You just know God called this meeting. I just know I have the double keys to Connecticut and some way the Lord is going to show me how to pray those things into an unlocking place. I don’t have to understand it all I just have to go with it.

Now with it you get to this pathway and just think about the disciples. We were talking about this the other day Ann and I, they never got good footing. They went with the Lord for three years and at of it there was only one that could make it up to the cross with Him. See, see its not about us being real steady in going, there just comes a time when God says you gotta go now.

And I’m telling you Connecticut I wouldn’t be here on a Saturday night without being here to tell you God’s eye is on you to move forward now and that’s key. He’s doing something here. It’s amazing what he’s doing.

Covenant Identity & Unity

Here’s the second thing. There comes this moment when you have to cross over into your new covenant identity. You have to lay down how Zebulon and Isaachar didn’t get along at one point. See He brought them out by armies out of Egypt and He got ‘em all going. He choose the 12 key leaders of the tribe of Connecticut and He said let’s go into the promise and only two of ‘em have enough faith to say, “We don’t have to understand it but we have never seen such prosperity as we see. Let’s go up against what’s holding back our promise”, and the other 10 rebelled.

We’re not just talking about people we’re talking about leaders. And see right now I have to believe in Connecticut, God’s redeveloped the leadership mix. And He’s redeveloped the remnant mix. And see unity doesn’t work where we’re all on the same page together. Unity works – He required Judah, Zebulon, and Isaachar to war together.

Certain people have to align and then all of the sudden God moves forward. You see it might be these three men on the front row here. It might be this three on the front row here…

God’s ready to move. There’s a perfect timing when you have to cross on over. You say I’m not so sure I’ve got the faith for all this. Thank God He’s not dependent just on our faith.  Once we know we’re in the right time and right place you just take a deep breath and jump – see?

Now here’s the third thing. He told his people this, and a lot of people say well we’re just not ready we’re not pure enough, we don’t have it together, we’re not holy enough as a group. He said if you’ll sanctify yourself today, I’ll have you cross over into your promise tomorrow. See so I think that sanctification is at the moment when we know He’s ready to move on. All of the sudden He starts to do something in all of us. We wanna get near to Him. We’re not trying to make our self holy. We want to align with the Lord in a new way.

And then here was the other thing that I feel like was very important in a new season like we’re in, the presence of God makes a shift. See He did away with the cloud, he did away with the fire and He said now I’m going to put a box a thousand feet down there and you’re going to follow this box. And you’re going to follow the leaders that I’ve chosen to hold the box.

Well that was a big shift for ‘em people. They had had a cloud over them for 40 years. They’d had a fire wherever it went they went or they got into a big mess and now that was all gone. The presence of God is making a shift.

It’s important we recognize it’s His presence in a new way and then the government made a shift. See God looks at His kingdom government. If you want to obey the thing I do when I’m evaluating and praying for a state, I start praying for God’s government first. ‘Cause see we’re a people above all people. We’re a peculiar people. Tell somebody next to you I know he’s talking about you now.

We pray for civil authorities because we’re a peculiar people that have access into a throne room that can loose revelation to help guide those in civil authority that represent the people. You pray for whoever is in civil authority whether you voted for him or didn’t vote for him. And if you don’t something’s wrong with you. Now I’ll tell you that right now.

I’m adopted into the Crow tribe in Montana and I mean not only adopted they made me honorary chief the last time I was there with them. The other person they adopted was President Obama. Now there’s a reason that I pray for my brother beyond my political thought process. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? We have to be a people that come up. Look at someone next to you and say you’re coming up to a new level this season. And if you love the presence of God, you’ll come up to a new level. You’ll allow the Lord to do things.

And let me show you something else. Here’s something else I want to put in here. You need to ask for your inheritance. Remember David finally got a new government in place. He had to overtake the Jebusites that Abraham didn’t overtake. That Joshua’s group didn’t overtake. His first assignment was put on your robe go sit on the throne. It was let’s see who can swim up the water spout and take out the Jebusites that have never been taken out in all the history of God’s covenant plan.  And so what happens when we come together like this, it’s one of the greatest warfare displays that the enemy recognizes.

So right now I set a bloodline over every one of you and I say the bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ is drawn over you so the enemy can’t penetrate into what is yours, what is your inheritance, what is there for you and I say right now you’re rising up above the enemies plan; and so you ask when we come together like this, strongholds that never could be broken start being broken. Things start happening.

Dry Bones Live in CT

And here’s something else that happens. All of the sudden a mighty army begins to arise. Now turn with me if you will to Ezekiel 37 right quick. And I’m gonna so you this because I want to relate it to what I’m seeing here in Connecticut tonight.

Most of you know this chapter. This is when the Lord comes down, he speaks to the prophet, He shows him the dry bones all scattered. But what many of us don’t do, we don’t go back to a chapter where the people have been in a great judgment, they’ve been in a great captivity for 70 years and all of the sudden God starts prophesying that He’s ready to renew them. Say it’s time for Connecticut.

See there comes a time He’s ready to renew them; all through the word of God there comes a time. Your own personal bloodline; there comes time when He says I know what Grandpa did and what Grandma did and what Great-Grandpa did but I got you now and I am ready for you to rise up and say the buck stops here!

And in the midst of it you find in 36, all of the sudden God starts prophesying that it’s not because of how good you are or how good you could ever be but I’m gonna renew you and I’m gonna put a new heart in you and a new spirit in you and you’re gonna move forward. And then he shows the prophet the real condition of things in Ezekiel 36. He gives the prophesy first. And then He shows the prophet the real condition of things. He says now how do you see this? Do you see all these dry bones?  Can those dry bones live and this prophet Ezekiel has such faith that he said only you know Lord. And the Lord said, “well I’m not dependent just upon you so let me do this. I’m gonna tell you what to prophesy. You prophesy it just like I tell you to prophesy it and watch me start working.”

See sometimes I – we think it’s so dependent on us where all we have to do is stay in communion and God will take over and he’ll say, “You say this. You don’t even have to believe it yet. You say it and watch it happen”. And He said, “you prophecy that the bones come together, that a new structure come on them and that breath coming down”. He prophesied it such as God said. And notice what happened, they came together. Now look at somebody and say Connecticut’s already past this.

A new structure raised up. New leaders came together and how they would move forward but notice what it says, “it never breathed”. There was no breath in it. Did that mean that God was wrong? Did it mean that the prophet was wrong? And this is where prophets I think some of them need to rise up and say now wait a minute, “I prophesied what God said it was up to you to do something else”.

So you know what God said to him? He said, “Then don’t go back and prophesy what you’ve been prophesying, prophesy right now that it breathe. That a new breath come in. Just prophesy to the one part of my will that’s not working.” See don’t go back and re-dig up the history of how we violated this and violated that. You’ve done so much of that. I’ve been through all that a lot in Connecticut with you but prophesy to the breath. Prophesy into the breath and degree there’s a new wind coming.

He prophesized the breath and you know what happened, all the sudden they began to breathe, and once they breathed they began to talk and you know what they said? “This is how bad we’ve been hurt in the past. This is how messed up we’ve been in the past. You know what the Lord said, “Prophesy again.” It’s just like us immediately instead of speaking forth where we’re going, we speak about the past and what’s going on with us. And the Lord said, “Prophesy again to ‘em. Don’t look at the past. Prophesy again and prophesy that this army will rise up”.

And then here’s the scripture I want to leave with you in verse 14. “Then you shall know that I am the Lord when I’ve opened your graves, O my people, brought you up from your graves. I will put my Spirit in you.” The very thing that He with when he was ready to renew. The very word He gave the prophet. “I’ll put my Spirit in you. I will place you in your own land. You shall live and you will know, not only I have spoken about Connecticut, now I’m performing what I’ve spoken.” Say out loud, God’s ready for a performance here in Connecticut.

Now here’s the last thing I want to say. I believe God is giving His people in this state new access. I believe He is moving this people into a place where they have access to accomplish things that they’ve never accomplished before.

CT Churches and John’s Revelation of the Churches

Remember what He did with John in 70 A.D. after the early church had moved forward. John got in trouble and got sent to the island of Patmos. Well on that isle he was put in prison but God, everybody say but God, God came down and visited him. And what he began to show him were all of the churches of that region; all the seven key churches of the region.

See this is what you gotta understand about God. He knows what’s going on in Connecticut in this region with the leaders. He knows about Rick’s church. He knows about Bishop’s church, He knows about Marios’ church, he knows about Todd’s church. He knows everything that’s going on here. And there comes a time where He says let me evaluate what’s happening presently in my gatherings of My kingdom people, that’s what church is.

And so what He did was he caught John up and he began to tell John what each one of those churches had done to well. You see He didn’t start ragging on ‘em and say how bad they were, He said, “this church has done this well”. He commended each one of ‘em. Then He said, “Now here’s the problem I have with this church and why I’m doing this John is because I’m getting ready to do something new.”

Now some churches He didn’t have any problems with so don’t try to create a problem if you don’t have a problem. Philadelphia, He didn’t have any problem with Philadelphia. He didn’t have a problem with two of the churches. But then He said this, “If they’re gonna move forward, here’s what each one is gonna have to do. And He would tell each one of those churches what they would have to do to move forward. He said, If you’re not willing to be taught – I’m gonna instruct each one of you because I’m ready to take the church into its next level of history”.

Now hear me carefully here, “I’m ready to take my people into their next historical shift. And if you’re gonna go with me you’re gonna have to do this, you’re gonna have to do this, you’re gonna have to do this”. And if you’ll hear what the Spirit’s saying, you’ll overcome. And the church will make its apostolic shift and move into a transforming mode that is greater than it presently is.

Then He said this to ‘em. He went beyond that.  He said, “Now John, now that I’ve shown you want currently is happening, come up here. I’m gonna give you access and I’m gonna show you what I want to happen in the future.” And John said he heard a voice like a trumpet and at that moment God opened up the entire future to Him of where we would be right now.

Confidence in CT

Now this is what I wanna to end with. I have this much faith and confidence in the people of God in Connecticut. You know why? I’ve carried that in my heart since the 70s. I’m not coming to you as a – just a speaker or a prophet, or someone who loves our nation, I’m coming to you as really a part of you here. And I’m saying I have great confidence in this state. I have great confidence in the leaders that even tonight (probably seven if we really tried to pull ‘em out) that have come to this meeting. Therefore, because I have that great confidence and all of us are represented here in a kingdom fashion tonight, I know the Lord’s saying He’s ready for you to come up and go beyond where you have ever been before. He is ready to show you a dimension of worship that is beyond anything you have ever seen before.

He’s ready to show you angelic visitations beyond what you’ve ever experienced before and we’ve all experienced that. He is ready to go beyond and show you what’s been sealed up in Connecticut’s seal that’s never been unlocked before. And He said because you came tonight I now have you on the threshold of the move of God that has now entered your atmosphere.  Each one will begin to draw near to Him in a new way. Every church beginning tomorrow morning He’ll begin to evaluate in a new way; that’s called visitation. So what am I here announcing? The visitation of God, the audit of God, is now in the land governed by boundaries called Connecticut. The great river state where God is ready to go way beyond where He has ever been able to go before.

Let’s stand up.  Father you drew us here tonight. Father we couldn’t have come here out of our own strength nor out of our own will. Matter of fact Father, in the past we’ve had issues with each other and we’ve not wanted to get together but tonight we wanted to get together. Lord we wanted to come, we wanted to worship together tonight. We wanted to lay down any thought barrier that has separated us in the past; because Lord you’re ready to move this region forward. You’re ready to advance some people.

Worship Together Next Seven Months

So I would say to you if you would worship together over the next seven months, just as you’ve come tonight and worship together; if you will gather together and worship during these seven months at the places I assign you to worship, I say you will gain access to the keys, the double keys that are above you in My heavenly realms. I say healings that couldn’t come forth in the last season will now come forth. And I say to you, I am calling you now because a government and its regulations hang in the balance, and this state regulates and holds the keys to much of the future of this nation. I say I long to come down and insure the people of this state that I can change a nation.

Monetary Systems Shaking – New Economic Rule out of CT

I say shakings will come in the monetarily systems in days ahead and out of Connecticut a new rule and a new measure will rise.

Therefore I say tonight if you will hear what the Spirit is saying, you will begin to experience me in a new way. You will preach access. You would decree a returning to My house. You will move into a dynamic of authority that has not been displayed. You will decree a thing and it will begin to happen. I say the elders of this state will begin to come together and I am not looking at age but I am looking at the authority that I have given to the 18 top cities of this state. I say those elders and those leaders whether in the business realm or whether in My kingdom authority of church rule will come together and in their coming together they will begin to decree things that will shake open an economic rule that is not shaken open. I say to you tonight, I am putting you on the front of a movement. I am calling you as a triumphant people to rise up and move to the front lines, saith the Lord. I am causing you in worship on the front lines. I’m causing you to resound on the front lines for I am longing to demonstrate from this state how a hard nut got cracked and how the fruit of that nut spilled out and fed a nation in days ahead.

Now let’s just lift our hands. Father I come tonight, I impart new strength to this incredible, glorious, shining remnant that’s gathered together. I impart a supernatural blessing upon this place as a gathering place for the future. I impart the counsel room of God into this state so that divine counsel will be decreed and many will come to know the Lord. I also decree a short harvest season where many who have gone astray will be re-harvested and come back into the house. Lord tonight we humbly come before you in Connecticut and we cry out we are ready for you to visit this land.

Now just give a cry out into the heavens. Now let’s worship. Let’s worship Him. Let’s worship Him.