Roundtable Discussion:
Canadian Truckers, Tech, Banks, and Government

Headlines from North of the Border

“Truckers Protest of Vaccine Mandates in Freedom Convoy Continues”

“GoFundMe Shuts Down Truckers’ Freedom Convoy Fundraiser”

“Several people arrested for bringing gas to ‘Freedom Convoy'”

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers”

“Trudeau gives banks power to freeze funds without court order”

“Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters’ bank accounts”

“Ottawa Chief of Police Resigns”

Look North to the events in Canada and we can see into the future, especially if “we  the people” don’t turn to Jesus for help.

Arrested for gas cans?

Here’s a chilling video of PM Justin Trudeau’s admiration of China. China? Yes, China.

In 1986, God showed Chuck Pierce the rise of China and its relationship to the US and the rest of the world in decade increments. You can read about this in his book “The Future War of the Church” written 2000 which he published in 2007. He was shown these things through 2026.

2018 Chuck Pierce video on persecution of Christians in China coming to US:

2020 Chuck Pierce on The Season of the Lion Dragon Wars:

Big Tech, Big Banks, Big Gov’t

In June 2019 GoFundMe terminated a $3 million fundraising for an Australian rugby player, Israel Folau, to finance a court case to appeal his multi-million dollar dismissal. He had quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9–10 on social media, which was said to be homophobic. An alternative fundraising site was set up by the Australian Christian Lobby with the public donating $2 million in 24 hours.

In January 2022, GoFundMe refused to release the CA$5 million funds raised for Freedom Convoy 2022. Then they said if you don’t ask for a refund they would ask the Freedom Convoy to choose a charity for people’s money. Then they ended up just refunding everyone’s money, refusing to release the funds to the Truckers.

(Elon Musk tweet)

Did you know that GoFundMe also joined Stripe and Shopify, turning off the Trump campaign websites funding after Jan 6th, etc.? How? They deleted fundraising campaigns for people to travel to DC for the Jan 6th rally.

Most Christians focused on the social media platforms freezing and deleting many people’s accounts, but the next frontier is the banks and banking system freezing and redirecting funds. Whether in Canada or the USA. It’s coming.

We need to pray, We need to repent. We need to prepare.

Here is a related take from Glenn Beck that is making very similar points to this week and two week’s ago Another Kingdom discussion: