Roundtable Discussion: Honkers and Eagles

Canadian Truckers Part 2

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Bob Jones apparently had a prophetic word related to the Bride of Christ in the USA and awakening. Bob Jones said :

“The Honkers were going to start honking before the Eagles will fly.” – Bob Jones 2005 (as recalled by Rick Joyner in an interview below).

Now people at Morningstar and elsewhere in Christianity are connecting the “Honkers” to Canadian Geese  and the “Freedom Convoy” up in Canada, preceding a similar move down in the “Eagle” the USA (similar persecution and rising up of people for freedom). Here is a video with an excerpt regarding this with Lance Wallnau interviewing Rick Joyner about this Bob Jones prophecy :

Martin Luther called the Holy Ghost the “Wild Goose”.

Canadian Geese in “V” formation

Lou Engle spoke about how Bob Jones was also describing the geese as intercessors as part of the “Gulliver” prophecy of awakening the sleeping giant of the Church. When intercessors pray together (like geese in a V formation), they can assault the demonic principalities and powers. Allowing for the Eagles to fly (the prophetic words to come from heaven to earth). You can find that on “The Briefing” blog here:

God is shifting the world:

We are starting to see judgment and revival happen simultaneously…

1. Jan 28, 2020 – President Trump reveals Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that would divide the land of Israel.

2. Bob Jones said “When the Chiefs win the Super bowl, it was a sign that revival was about to come. God is raising up his apostolic chiefs.” They won on Feb 2, 2020.

3. Pandemic hits literally days later in the USA (mid-Feb 2020).

4. Chuck Pierce said: “This is the Passover that the economic system of the world gets realigned” in March 2020 (see CV19 post here). And now we see that indeed, the pandemic has changed everything – and God is using it to re-align and shake up the Church as well.

5. Lou Engle and “The Send” are starting to bring prophecied stadium revivals to a reality. Watch for arrowhead stadium May 14, 2022 is “The Send” in KC.

Biblical Persecution (Hate Crimes)

Lutherans on trial in Finland –

Canadian Hate Crime laws –

Economic Persecution

GoFundMe – froze Canadian Truckers assets

Trudeau – froze Canadian Truckers’ bank accounts, cancelled Canadian Truckers’ insuranceStripe – shut down President Trump Campaign payments

Glenn Beck is thinking along the same lines in this video here: 

So, like China – the US, Canadian, Australian, UK leaders are finding “soft” ways as very attractive half-steps toward more control in order to manipulate people and companies into conformity of “doing the right thing” through the purse strings (you want the funds? they take the vaccine. want to keep your job? take the vaccine. want to keep your insurance? take the vaccine.), social pressure (shaming), relabling law abiding citizens as terrorists and perpitrators of hate crimes,etc.

By God’s mercy, there is still time. The Storehouse vision can be implemented now, while we still have the freedom to “choose another way” and not depend on governmental funding, banking, big tech, big health, big commerce, big ag, and so forth. If we have no alternatives, we will feel there is no choice in order to take care of our families but conform to governmental and corporate policies that go against our faith and freedom.

For example, a Christian crowdfunding site has replaced GoFundMe to send money to the truckers. Lucienne Sawyer forwarded me an email about Gab doing a “Parallel Economy Fund” which seems like it has some parallels to the Storehouse… Perhaps you are aware of other Storehouse type initiatives?