Roundtable Discussion: Financial Warfare – S.W.I.F.T. and Russian Sanctions

We discuss what is happening as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, specifically the financial sanctions and their implications and the first a no SWIFT ban, then some SWIFT bans, but not full. Some of this is carved out for oil and gas transactions, which somewhat defeats the purpose. It’s complicated, as is the global “net” of disparate payment systems. But like we talked about with Canada and the Truckers

We will go into the “bigger picture” geo-politically, biblically, and prophetically. And the implications. For example, prophetic voice Bob Jones spoke about a coming harvest in Russia and the former soviet union nations. God described this to him as “the greatest awakening”. He also separately showed prophetic voices Paul Cain and Bob Jones with Mike Bickle (founder IHOP) as scribe, that Communism and Islam would merge in the future and there would be a type of WWIII in the days ahead. Is this war related to both prophetic words?

Mike Bickle – IHOP

(much more detail here in IHOP’s prophetic history here:

Bob Jones, Prophetic Voice

Further, Bob Jones also prophesied great West Coast earthquakes, as well as limited nuclear exchange and fires on the East Coast, foreign soldiers on US soil, and many people moving to the middle of the country as a result. Kansas City and the surrounding 500 miles will become a bread basket for the world in a time of famine and drought.

God will put wheat in the Midwest like he put oil in the middle-east”

Bob Jones prophecy in the 1980s in Kansas City documented by Mike Bickle

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications ( It was founded in 1973 and started sending money electronically in 1978. SWIFT is structured as a cooperative organization owned by its members. It is headquartered in Brussels Belgium, but its members are global. It has 11,000 institutions operating in over 200 countries. In 2021, SWIFT processed 42 million messages.

Global payments systems are fractured into various sub-systems. One of the oldest and biggest alternatives to SWIFT is FedWire. Fed wire is run by the Federal Reserve and started shortly after the Fed was founded in 1913 (1915, 1918). There is also CHIPS, which is another US based system.

Russia and China are trying to create their own payment systems.

For more understanding, read a bit more here about Chuck Pierce’s Passover prophecies from last year, which gets into global trade flow and how payment systems will be changing. See Trade Wars here: