Roundtable Discussion – Banking Crisis Over?

Why are we having a banking crisis, what are the implications, and is it over or not?

We will discuss.


Banking Crisis discussion

First Republic Bank

What’s Going on with First Republic Bank? WSJ Article

FDIC Press Release of JPM acquiring First Republic

FDIC Loss Sharing Agreement video

Sec Tres Janet Yellen says Federal government likely run out of money June 1

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s is demanding spending cuts in order to keep his speakership

President Biden says no negotiation just raise the debt ceiling

Banking System, Federal Debt and Dollar – Sustainable?

Debt Ceiling Trouble Brewing on Top of Banking Crisis

Treasury’s Yellen says US could default as soon as June 1

Storehouse Vision is the Biblical Alternative to Banking, Investing and Money

Storehouse Vision

NECAP implementation example

Go Fund example

Mission Grove example

JAMA example – The ARK

Bradenton FL – City of Refuge example

Manatee County example

Uganda example

Sanctuary Space example

Many examples. This is happening folks!!