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Has it ever occurred to you that Christianity is the only faith or religion that promises provision from the heart of a Father?

I was brought up in a Buddhist family and my parents would often take me to the temples to offer incense and sacrifice to appease the gods, in the hope that my “good works” would merit the gods’ provision and protection. There was no relationship but a whole lot of fear. No other religion has boasted of a Father to Son/Daughter relationship other than Christianity.

Relationship is key to understanding and receiving provision from our Father in Heaven. Our God is “Lord, Master, Deliverer” and so much more. But I believe that as we begin to experience greater revelation of Him as Father, we will begin to see radical provision in our lives that just doesn’t make sense. I am talking about supernatural, miraculous, mind-blowing, unexplainable “out of the blue, exceeding your wildest imagination” kinds of provision.

Let me share with a couple of stories to build your faith in this season.

“I Am Your Source”

Years ago when I was a freshman in college, I remembered one day when I needed $1.50 for laundry. I had only $0.75 to my name. I asked the Father to release His provision that day. If He can feed Elijah by having the ravens bring bread and meat to him morning and evening, surely He can let me have clean clothes. That evening, a homeless guy came up to me and said, “Here’s a dollar note for you.”

I was stunned for words. He walked up to me a second time and said, “Now I really don’t know why I am doing this…” and proceeded to dig out four quarters from his jean pocket and said, “But here’s another dollar for you.”

I said to him, “You don’t have to do this.”

“You don’t understand; I have to…” was his reply. The Lord spoke to me that night matter-of-factly:

Son, I am your good, good Father and I am your Source. If I decide to hang money on the tree and have you pluck it down, so be it. Don’t you dare set your eyes on people or things for your provision

I remember another time in college when I needed close to $11,000 to pay for my upcoming semester at Oral Roberts University. I was at my wits end and I didn’t have the money. Being an international student, I would have to return to Singapore if I didn’t manage to pay for the semester. I remember praying that night, “Lord, You’ve called me to ORU. I trust You to provide.”

As soon as I had finished praying, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Call Gregory.”

Honest to myself, I thought, “Lord, surely not Gregory. He is a teacher; he doesn’t have the money.”

I have to chuckle whenever I think about that because every time I’ve shouted “Impossibility,” all of Heaven echoed and replied, “Wait, just you wait and see.”

I picked up the phone and dialed the numbers, “Greg, hey listen…here’s what’s going on…” I began to explain to him my situation and need.

Gregory goes, “OK, let me see what I can do.”

We put down the phone and the Holy Spirit drops a name to Gregory and told him to call T.L., a friend he had met while they were in the military, whom he hasn’t met or talked to in seven years. He proceeded to call T.L. and T.L. responded, “Get Cornelius to email me and we’ll go from there.”

I remember sitting in front of my laptop wondering where and how do I even begin to write this email. I thought to myself, “Lord, he doesn’t know me from Adam. I’ve never met him a day in my life. Surely he’s not going to give me $11,000.”

With the help and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I finished and sent that email that night. The next day, I received a reply from T.L., “Cornelius, I talked to my wife about it and we will pay for your semester.”

Needless to say, I was stunned for words. Later, I managed to call T.L. on the phone and I just had to ask, “Tell me, how do you just decide to give a stranger $11,000, with no strings attached?”

He replied, “Cornelius, right before you emailed me, my wife and I were praying and asking the Lord which ministry He would like us to sow our money into, and when we heard from you, we knew instinctively we were to give to you.”

Our Good Father and His Radical Provision

I believe there’s always grace for God to give and grace for us to receive. God’s economy does not function like Wall Street. He never fluctuates. He is always generous because He is always good. He cannot be anything but good to His children. I am so thankful His giving and generosity is not dependent on my merit, my works, or how good I am, but purely on how good and benevolent our Father is.

We have to quit striving to earn His favor. He taught us to pray, “Our Father in Heaven…give us this day our daily bread.” That is an invitation to relationship and covenant provision.

I am praying and agreeing that in this season, you will begin to experience radical provision that just does not make sense. The only explanation is that He is just that good.

Declare with me:

• Father, You are so good. Show me Your goodness and glory!

• I am Your son/daughter, and You are my Father. Release Your covenant provision in my life!

• Father, I ask You for radical provision that doesn’t make sense!

• Father, You promise to supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory. So be it Lord!

• Father, I refuse to partner with fear, stress, or lack. Instead I partner with faith and with Heaven to see Your will being accomplished in my life!

• Father, my food is to do Your will. Give me this day my daily bread!

• I give You praise and glory, and I thank You in advance for what You are about to do! Amen!

Can’t wait to hear testimonies!

For His Praise & Glory,

Cornelius Quek, M.Div.
Founding Director, 7K

Founder of 7K, Cornelius Quek is passionate about equipping and mentoring contemporary leaders and culture-makers who know their God and impact every sphere of society. Cornelius was powerfully delivered from a background of Buddhism and pagan idol worship in Singapore. He has traveled and ministered extensively internationally and in the United States. Cornelius graduated from London School of Theology, United Kingdom, earned a Master of Divinity (Hons.) from the world-renowned Oral Roberts University, and is currently completing his Doctorate in Leadership & Ministry, researching on increasing the supernatural in the marketplace. Cornelius and his beautiful wife Tiffany are ordained by Bethel Church in Redding, California, where they serve as Connect Pastors. Cornelius also teaches Bible at church as well as the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.