Greetings Fellow Impacters –

We are happy to announce host locations for all 10 Days this fall:

In addition to the state-wide headline evening worship / prayer times, there will be many additional 10 Days events going on throughout the state. 10 Days is open architecture! We will be publishing these on the Impact CT website and calendar. Last year we had over 50 gatherings. The additional events we know of so far this year are:

10 Days Hartford – Hartford House of Prayer – Audrey McIntyre
10 Days Potter’s House – Covenant Church – Maja Cederberg
10 Days Bridgeport – City Wide – Louis Burgos

If you have not got back to us yet with your proposed 10 Days event, or you did and we’ve missed you, IT’S NOT TOO LATE, send us an email and we will try to work it into the schedule and help get the word out.

Statewide Kickoff on Rosh Hashanah

Oct 2nd
Messiah’s House (Harvest Time) in Greenwich

Jew and Gentile together is KEY

This will be our state-wide kick-off of 10 Days and even more so a celebration and honoring of the Jewish people. Why all the way in Greenwich? That is where our friends and partners in the Kingdom: Messiah’s House are based (Fairfield County has the largest Jewish population in the state). Messiah’s house is our first Messianic expression to host a night of 10 Days in CT. Let’s rally around them and make the drive as a demonstration of our love and support for Messianic believers and leaders! A “trumpeting” in of what the Lord is doing in ONE NEW MAN Jew and Gentile together this Rosh Hashanah in Connecticut! This will also be a great opportunity to invite Jewish unbelievers to hear the gospel and experience the joy of John 17 unity and family.

Statewide Wrap on Yom Kippur

Oct 11th
Holy Land in Waterbury

Holy Land was our opener last year and it did not disappoint! If you never been “up the mountain”, prayed at the cross, seen the little Jerusalem, come out and join us this year! Our theme this year will be repentance prayer and fasting for the state of Connecticut, seeing that its Yom Kippur – the day of our Lord’s atonement. Come join us for this mountain top experience!

New England Wrap on Yom Kippur

Oct 12th
D.L. Moody Campus in Northfield, MA

Moody Auditorium in Northfield MA

Moody Auditorium

This is a new addition to 10 Days this year! Wow, the 6 states of New England coming together in one assembly to lift up our voice collective and honor the Lord! We have received permission to use the historic D.L. Moody campus in Northfield, MA. Our main event will be in the Moody Auditorium, which was built in 1894, seats 2200 and is an awesome place with the presence of the Lord already hovering there!

Historically, the Student Volunteer Movement started during the Northfield Conferences in 1886.  Northfield was a major gathering place for camp meetings and renewal gatherings in the late 1800’s.  It’s one of the hidden gems of our rich spiritual heritage here in New England, one that’s waiting to be revived.

Moody Roundtop  overlooking the CT River

The event will be designed to be earlier in the day such that those travelling greater distances will be able to get home at a reasonable time (1 hour 15 minutes from Hartford). So, take the day for a tour of the campus, hang out with your fellow New England Alliance friends, and/or just come for the late afternoon / early evening assembly!

There is also a New England Alliance unity meeting planned for August 18th on the campus in Hibbard Hall from 10-3pm. If you are a New England ministry leader or pastor and you would like to check out the campus or fellowship with fellow members the NE body of Christ, email to RSVP. This will also serve as a prep meeting for the October 12th assembly.

Interior of the Moody Auditorium

The 10 Days resources are located at Impact CT 10 Days Materials Page. This includes videos, invite a friend tools, hosting guidelines, etc. Continue to check back, as resources will continue to be added as we approach October. Also, in September, we will have a 10 Days leaders lunch at Wellspring to prepare for events in October. Check the calendar here and stay tuned!

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In Jesus, Gregg
on behalf of you, Impact Connecticut


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